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You feel your intuition but do you enact upon it?

Hiking is my therapy. When I need to hit the reset button and/or when I am looking for fresh ideas, taking a literal hike always helps. It calms anxiety and helps me get back to center. What's your therapy?

I just had to share: I bought this broccoliflower... look how beautiful this plant is! The fractals are incredible!

You don't need anyone to tell you, just tell yourself, love yourself, and share the love. So many negative traits show up when humans feel unnoticed, invisible, and unloved. It's ultimately our own job to fulfill all of those things for ourselves, but it never hurts to give someone else a little honest boost by noticing THEM to help elevate their perspectives about the world around them.

Today's featured art is "Where I Rest" by Audrey Kawasaki • All of the feels in this one... to me, the plants represent blooming possibilities always surrounding us. They're always there but sometimes we get so caught up in the weeds covering our eyes that we can't see the plants full of life and beauty that are just beyond those weeds, within our reach. What mental clutter can you clear this weekend so that you can have better sight?

Sometimes you have to reach the threshold of frustration and anger to find the momentum needed to catapult yourself into the next phase of your journey. Leaving "comfort& #34; zones, even though they may indeed be uncomfortable, can be extremely difficult because it requires the breaking of old habits and the creation of new thought patterns. Let your frustration fuel the fire to assist the shift. 🔥
Inspired by my conversation with my wise friend @toddgarrity today.

You needn't be concerned about the opinions of the peanut gallery

It's too easy to lose the forest through the trees and to get caught in the details and the temporary unpleasantries that may arise while pursuing a goal. It's easy to give up when things go awry because it's easy to forget that the stumbling blocks are just temporary setbacks. Try to zoom out when this happens and see if you're still on the right path to your goals. If you are, then solve the problems and keep trekking. If not? Get off that path and get back on the right one. The path to success isn't straight and it isn't easy; that's why you need a clear destination and must be willing to fight your way there.

Don't quit your daydream! Being an entrepreneur is TOUGH. You often feel like there's nobody to turn to for advice when you get stuck... it's not like you can just ask your boss. Keep pushing though, if your heart is in it you WILL find a solution. There are also lots of good resources to help entrepreneurs like blogs, Facebook groups, publications, and consultants. Don't feel like you need to be in this alone, it is worth the investment to get help! Plus you'll learn something new and be able to avoid similar issues in the future. If sales or marketing is your current stumbling block, I offer marketing strategy sessions over the phone or Skype starting at $129. Shoot me a DM to arrange a session and we'll get you over that marketing hurdle.

But you MUST make an effort to see what it is YOU value about YOURSELF. It is great to get a boost when you need it from others, but you need to find what it is you admire about yourself because YOU are the one in charge of your life. There will be days when people doubt you, but you need to be able to believe in yourself anyway.
• Graphic artist unknown, found on Pinterest.

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