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Boosting a post will certainly earn you more likes than usual, maybe even a few comments. However, you’re much less likely to see actual conversions (sales, email list sign ups, etc.) with a boosted post than you will with many of Facebook’s other ad options. It’s not that boosted posts are “bad”, it’s just that they are meant for ease of use rather than for careful sales optimization.
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Have you been feeling stuck in a bad cycle? Feel like you've been climbing up out of the hole, only to fall right back in again? You CAN break the pattern. But first, you have to stop being a victim. You have to identify and let go of whatever beliefs you've been holding onto that are keeping you in this downward spiral. Your past experiences do not matter, other people's experiences do not matter, whatever someone told you about yourself that you've believed until now does not matter. You have to remember how powerful you are. You ARE powerful. Recall a time when you really felt in your power, when you felt proud of your accomplishments and who you are... you are still that person. Let go of whatever is separating you from that feeling of power and self esteem. Break the pattern.

In memory of many, in honor of all. 🇺🇸🦅❤️ Hold closely the one you love.
(Photographer unknown, if anyone knows please tell me)

I've always been one for skipping the beginner class and jumping straight into the fire... which will teach you a lot quickly, but you do miss out on something really important: fundamentals and a foundation! Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to solidify that foundation. You may feel awful backtracking, but it's going to make things much better if your journey ahead is on solid ground. Don't feel embarrassed about starting small and taking baby steps. Everyone is a beginner at some point. So you know what? Just kick ass at that easy, beginner stuff. Learn it well now so you always feel confident down the road.

Adventure has this way of unlocking some part of your soul that stores ideas, creativity, and solutions. If you're stuck, take a break and go on adventure. You'll have that answer by the end of the journey.

🙏🕉 • My boyfriend got me a shirt that said this but it got stolen 😩 It was such an awesome shirt!!!

Had a great time on the @hiketherockies Views N Brews group hike this weekend! No better medicine or mind-reset than getting outside 🍃🏔

Your success is entirely dependent upon you. As is your resilience, your happiness, and your pride. Others' opinions don't need to affect your confidence or actions.

My happy place

Psshhh, always! Image by Marc John. Follow me on Pinterest for more good stuff: Pinterest.com/hiketherockies (link in bio)

A lovely Pinterest find... if I ever saw a rabbit playing the sax I'd be pretty jazzed 🤓

Behold, the v rare puffercorn
Image credit to some artistic genius on Pinterest.

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