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Christine Tremoulet  Story Selling Strategist & Confidence Catalyst for Pro Photographers. Author. Podcaster. Mini Cooper is my spirit animal. #TheLifeBoss #YouAreEnough


Today was a good day. A ton of hard work. Now to kick off the blogging & social media for photographers course sale!!! #bloggingbrilliantly #bloggingforphotographers #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety

The @treasuretruck came to Houston with fresh, never frozen, family-raised, enhanced welfare, completely traceable back to the farm @diestelturkey on board. Thanksgiving will be delicious this year! Slide to see the truck & the turkey details!

I’m just as guilty of this as everyone else. Yesterday, after a few price coaching sessions where I talked with people about how they *deserve* to be profitable; how just because they are using their talent to serve others, it is still ok to make money, I realized that I was doing it too. I was looking at my own project and letting my fear guide it, not my dreams. Well, that isn’t going to end well for anyone! Time to take my own advice and correct this situation! After all, what is the point of being your own boss if you’re not happy with your life as a result? #thelifeboss #prophotographer #photographyeducation

It is like the universe knows I’m about to launch The Life Boss Society for Photographers. Over & over, I keep seeing posts, hearing podcasts, reading articles, talking with friends about how their businesses are struggling, their lives are stressful, and they can’t figure out why. They don’t have a plan. They aren’t aware of what they bring to the table for their clients, and how they can use it to stand out. I can’t wait to dive in and help. Together, we will find where they want to go. It will be AMAZING! #thelifeboss #lifeofaphotographer #prophotographer #businessofphotography

Thank you to those that have so valiantly served. #veteransday #veterans #lestweforget

Tonight I took some time to reflect on this day two years ago, when I learned I had a 100% heart blockage and needed 4 stents, plus 4 more 6 months later. Two years ago, I wanted Oprah to know me. Now? I’m not sure why that was so important. It isn’t now. Life has changed so much in two years. I’ve gone to war with depression, I’ve dealt with a chemical rollercoaster of the drug cocktail keeping me alive, I’ve faced fear, often. I am thankful for it. I’m learning to respect my time, my energy level. To have grace for myself, not guilt. To embrace the things I most love - photography & the power of the internet - and to forge ahead. Helping others capture what is most precious. More on the blog. #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition #gracenotguilt #youareenough #lifeofaphotographer #savvybusinessowner #heartdisease #heartdiseaseawareness #entrepreneurmindset #beingboss

You’re always saying you wished there were more hours in the day. Sunday, you’ll get one!* What are you going to do with it? More family time? A little self-care? Catch up on your editing? Write a blog post? Prep next week’s social media? Your wish is being granted, so what will you do? (PS - reset your clocks. No one wants to miss a meeting with a client!) *Unless you live in one of those smart states that doesn’t do the time change!
#daylightsavingstime #communityovercompetition #thelifeboss #lifeofaphotographer #creativeentrepreneur #savvybusinessowner

I went to Taco Tuesday, but I missed the memo on the attire! My friends are the best! #halloween2017 #luchador #ladyluchador #costumes

The bowl will be on the steps. Take one or two. Be nice. 😂🎃👻⚾️🦇⚾️😍⚾️❤️ #earnhistory #goastros #worldseries2017

My Wonder Woman shawl is off the needles! Now I just have to weave in all the ends. I love it! 😍🎉❤️🙌🏻🍾🐑💁🏼

My view from my back porch office today! It is absolutely glorious outside. I can’t get enough of it! This is why I work for myself. There are tons of long hard hours at times, and it can be stressful, but the BENEFITS!!! Are you making the most of your work life? #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition #backporchoffice

What? You don’t have Christmas 1991 stamps just laying in the bottom of your desk drawer? 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🙌🏻🎉🙋🏼

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