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Christine Tremoulet  Content Coach & Confidence Catalyst. Best-selling Author. Podcaster. Serial Roadtripper. Mini Cooper is my spirit animal. #TheLifeBoss #YouAreEnough

Something is coming ... this logo was created for me based on my Pinterest design board. What do you think? #preparedtolaunch #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety #savvybusinessowner

The past few days have been incredible. All the things I've been teaching for the past few years (and doing for nearly 20 years) are coming together in one beautiful, amazing package that I'll start offering to clients soon. I'm so grateful that I was able to share this journey with these beautiful people. #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety #confidencecatalyst #youareenough #yourstorymatters

It was so absolutely delightful to spend time with @susanotkids this weekend. Loved having a chance to meet her family too! ❤️ #chooseyourtribe #thelifeboss #confidencecatalyst #yourstorymatters

In @susanotkids backyard. How magical is this?!? I just want to curl up and knit for days. #ilovecanada

My favorite part of flying is the fleeting mountains in the sky. An ever-changing landscape, that moment will never happen again. #thelifeboss #havegearwilltravel #somewhereovertexas

The wispy Gulf Coast clouds always make me happy. Nice end to a good day and a great trip. Somewhere on I-10, headed to Houston, with The Alternate Routes as the soundtrack for the moment. #havegearwilltravel #thelifeboss #thehappynow

We will now make the appropriate sacrifice of the beignet, so our visit to New Orleans will be complete. #cafedumonde #neworleans #roadtrip

The end of the show last night was just beautiful. See more in my Story! #johnmayer #neworleans #concert #roadtrip

Some days, when you're asked if you want to jump? You really need to say yes. #thelifeboss #johnmayer #neworleans

"Does anyone want to drive to New Orleans with me on Wednesday? I'm going to photograph #johnmayer." When I saw @trishbadger post that on Monday, I immediately volunteered. 48 hours later, I'm watching them flip the stage after the opening act. Sometimes, you need to say yes & make it happen. I still brought work with me, and I ran an AMA on blogging from the road, but for the next few hours? It's about the music. #thelifeboss #savvybusinessowner

You can't drive from Houston to New Orleans without a stop at the Tiger Truck Stop! Yes, a live Tiger, at a Truck Stop, right off I-10. Now off to see the John Mayer concert with @trishbadger ! #roadtrip

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