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Christine Tremoulet  Content Coach & Confidence Catalyst. Best-selling Author. Podcaster. Serial Roadtripper. Mini Cooper is my spirit animal. #TheLifeBoss #YouAreEnough

A quick stop today at @alexandani and I have a new Wonder Woman cuff! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈ A treat for making a dream a reality with the launch of @TheLifeBossSociety πŸŽ‰#yourstorymatters #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #confidencecatalyst

Hmm. Not so sure about this nail polish. Maybe I put the clear top coat on too soon? It looks bubbly in the sunlight. Oops. Hopefully it won't show in the videos I'm making for @TheLifeBossSociety 😍

Graham suddenly started running from one end of the house to the other like his tail was on fire. It seems the dining room table was in the path of destruction. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬ #grahamthecat #catsofinsta

Today is #selfcaresunday and I'm about to paint my nails! Which color would you pick?! #thelifeboss #youareenough

Let's get right to it - the doors close in less than 7 hours. Are you in? It is time to stop believing the lies of our Perfection Culture. You can redefine success AND make it your reality. Join us today! - see you on the inside! #thelifeboss #youareenough

Y'all. I cried this evening when a client told me she made 3x what she has been making today. We have talked, knocked down some BS barriers, and I've been cheering her on while she has been working like crazy and she made 3 times the usual! More than the money, she is so HAPPY. Her work was more fulfilling. Isn't that why we all do this?! Do you want help too? This is what I live for. The doors close on Friday (7/21/17) at midnight & won't reopen until this fall. Together, we can do this. You just have to take the first step. #thelifeboss #confidencecatalyst #communityovercompetition

What are you doing TODAY to build the know, like, and TRUST factor with your clients? Need help? Doors close on FRIDAY for The Life Boss Society, and when they reopen this fall? The price will go up! Get a plan in place to increase your sales, and have a community along the way to support you! Quote: @tedrubin #thelifeboss #youareenough

Help me help you! The doors are open for the Beta launch of #TheLifeBossSociety - this is your chance to sign up and get in at the very beginning for a super special low rate. Learn to use your story as the foundation of your branding, marketing, and sales. Overcome the Imposter Syndrome. Create a blogging & social media plan. Want to know more? Visit to learn what it is all about! #thelifeboss #yourstorymatters #communityovercompetition

Today is the BIG DAY! The beta launch of @TheLifeBossSociety is TODAY! To kick it off? A very special deal on 7/17/17 at 17:00 for 7 hours. Are you in?!? It is time to get your Story Selling Strategy in place so you can stop the fear standing in your way and build a business you love that supports the life you want to live! #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition

Time to get some learning in! It's like summer school - for adults! Whether you do video or not, you're going to want to watch my talk on using your STORY to market your business & book more clients! Yes! Live TODAY - link in profile! Free to watch on July 17th! Want unlimited access? Use the code "FOCUSTOUR" for the pre-purchase discount! Get your full access now! #yourstorysells #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #focustour

The rain let up last night just long enough for the gorgeous colors to break through. ❀️ I left my hot dinner on the counter just to go outside to witness this. #thelifeboss

A little summer storm here. No big deal... (I just can't record more course videos until it passes!) #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly

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