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Christine Anastasia  ॐ 🌻🍃🌞 yogi in practice ✌🏻

two different types of relaxing: standing upside down on your head, or snugglin on the couch with a blanket.. (jenna) but i will definitely be joining her in about 2 seconds 🤗

rearranging the living space, buying new things... what’s more fun than that? oh i know!! testing out whether or not the space is yoga friendly or not while jenna orders pizza on the phone for movie and pizza night 🙊 and guess what... it’s 100% yoga friendly!!! a little bit messy, i wasn’t all there for this.. but everyone has those days 🙄 plus, i’m upset because the actual video was like 10 minutes long and i felt that there was so many important things to share but i couldn’t fit it all 😭

my love, i couldn't be more thankful for you. you have turned my world upside down and given me a happiness that people would dream to have. thank you for being you and giving me all the love in the world. you are everything and more a person could ever want in their life. i love you!!! ❣️❣️❣️

went to my first meditation class today and i can happily say i walked out feeling good vibrations around me, and my whole self felt completely open, with all my chakras opened up for the first time. feeling at peace with everything and everyone around me. ✨

we just had a spontaneous tim hortons breakfast date in the middle of a huge field 🍃🤙🏼

wooooo!!!!! handstand progress is the best feeling in the world!! practice practice practice people! i was not able to do this just last week... but i put my heart and soul into my practises and the results are honestly pure and great. it's funny because i usually get my handstands bang on when jenna is just staring right at me.. it's a comfort thing. BUT having some motivation in the room is key. proud to say i'm proud of myself! 🙌🏼

spent the entire day outside after work.. prepared a picnic and listening to some good music surrounded by nature and animals.. oh also with the love of my life 🍃💓

always be calm and present in your state of mind during your practice. feel it in your soul ✨

horrible to say but today was my first practice in probably 3 days and i was starting to feel super super shitty about myself. BUT before practice today, i decided it was time to invest in some new leggings which actually turned into 3 pairs but something tells me these new leggings were sign of a good practice today.. so jenna says.. and i think so too. stepping away from something for a couple days is a good way to really get your focus back on what you're trying to accomplish other than beating yourself up over not being able to hit a certain pose or lose focus. maybe taking those 3 days off was a good idea. i felt very superior during my practice today and i couldn't feel more better about myself. 🕉

a smile never leaves my face when i'm with you 🌸🍃

gmorning, be kind to your body and your mind 😴✨

open your soul in every practice that you do.

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