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Christina Winkelmann  “i was a drab little crab once”💘 LA.

currently accepting titles for this one...this piece was inspired by vacations of the distant future. where intergalactic space travel is a reality and surreal, otherworldly terrains become the new subjects of wanderlust. #collageart #collageartist

it wasn’t until recently that i experienced aloha. i was in hawaii for a work trip and on the last day, we had the opportunity (over pau hana) to meet a few fellow travelers and island locals. after i expressed a genuine interest in relocating to the islands, i was brought to tears by what i would later come to know as — the aloha spirit. one after the other, complete strangers were offering up everything they had, with no hidden agenda, to help me in my journey to the islands. things like offering me a place to stay while i relocated, help in finding me a job, and overall just helping me ease into island life. these few hours were intense, moving, and transcendental all at the same time. i was overwhelmed with a sense of community that i have never felt anywhere else. this image is my interpretation of this story. it’s where magical realism meets real life. i spent this weekend collaging and making art that pays tribute to all the physical things that make hawaii feel like home and the special people that inhabit it. #CeLEIbrateAloha #contest @hawaiianairlines

@morganswift said this was the most savage thing he’s ever seen on the internet.

does anyone want to go in halvsies with me on this vintage #superbeatle?

you know the woman with the trolls? she also had roses the size of dinner plates that smelled like lemons and candy and wild orange and white poppies! by show of hands, should i turn this into a print? i love it so much.

eyes closed and not quite a peace sign...but does it really matter when you’re standing in front of a giant jolly oyster?

you wouldn’t believe me if i told you... watch my stories, please god. 🙀🙀🙀 #trolls #troll

my mom’s fiddle fig is bigger than yours. 🌿 #happymothersday

found in the ol camera roll.

has anyone done a long weekend in #hawaii? like a thursday-sunday? asking for a friend...jk, asking for me.

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