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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Christina Sturgis:Photog  •24|Military W I F E|👦🏻👶🏻Two boys •Photography, Foodlover, & Coffeeholic ☕️🌎|Family ❝ Stay humble & true to yourself❞ 📍HI✈️Ft.Campbell AUG 2017

It's Tuesday, 3 days left till Friday! 😩 i am just super exhausted this week🍃🍃Anyways, can't wait for future projects. 😜 🌊🐳on frame: @mermaidsirenity 🌺🌾 @ocean_dreamerr

E A S T E R , is just right around the corner!

Note to self, -Always find time to enjoy life, take a moment to smell a flower once in awhile, drink at least a gallon of water a day vs. Coffee and sodas😂. Put BS aside and learn the differences. Always hustling but, never lose yourself while trying. Take cleaning class because, you're horrible at it... specially kitchen areas. It is not your business anymore, if people decide to make bad decisions or have bad judgement. Have a say in it, and let it be...(at least you tried, rather not at all) 🌱Like the quote you have always followed by... "Quality over Quantity anyday!" 🌺 lastly, let it go, if it was meant to be, it'll find its way back to you. Don't ever be so hard on yourself!!!
.🖼on frame: some random stranger😂
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Candid shot from todays session! I really do LOVE my job! Oh man, i'm gonna miss this island😭

I say it like how i see it, if you never thought i'm those type of person well, now you know. I'm the person that prob the funniest, nicest, weirdest friend you'll ever crossed path with... Then, theres another part of me , where i feel it can either be good or bad for me. I am so good at reading people. Whether it's their intensions, personalities, and etc... i could never stand on the sideline and watch anyone getting hurt, use, push around, and having bad intension towards others. Sure, i can go on about my day & just rub it off like "oh well, they're gonna have to learn the hard way." But, then I wouldn't be a good daughter, a friend, a sister, or even a mama if i were to do that. I believe in second chances and hell sometimes even three (because, we're all can be dumb sometimes too) i couldnt preach this more than i already have about Hawai'i having a lot of job opportunities, businesses, and etc... but, theres also a flea market of people trying to use others and Instagram famous. While i'm over here hustling (trying anyways) remember IG famous and likes don't pay the bills and it doesn't change how shitty of a person you are. (Yea i said it😊) I've come crossed a few already that just all about benefiting themselves and i can't be part of that fake s***, sorry hunny but, not today or ever! These people amazes me, mad props to them... because, i couldnt do it. I'm too much of an outspoken person for my own damn good.😂 i'll just sit back from now on like "oh well, i told you soooo & it is what it is boo, you let it happened!" 🤔🌴

As many may noticed through my Instagram Snap, i shares with you guys, almost every pieces of me. How i am with my normal daily life being a mama of two boys, a wife, and when i'm around my friends i'm with the best/weirdest/goofiest people on earth. Here's one of them... Truly, i have grow to admire @wtfchavezzz . He is just as creative & a hardworking person like Jats... I will miss the good times with you guys when i leave this Island🌊🌴i Can only pray you guys remember all the thing i have lectured you guys so much about. Hawaii is full of opportunities, creativities, and sady... a flea market of trolls (yea i said it) 😂 keep pushing at it, always giving it 100%, and coming back 1000x harder! Keep on swimming water bender😂👊🏻

"How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean?" --
Some think this is blown out but, for me🙌🏻😭 it's so beautiful and clean!!! All rules are always meant to be broken.

My son William would not leave Lily alone today😂🙄 got the pleasured to hangout with @ashleighackerphotog for my son Cake Smash and for me to try on this adorable outfit & bonnet from @handmadebylululu ! If you're in Ft.Hood area contact @ashleighackerphotog for bookings!! She's amazing!!!


Just incase you guys forgot how i look like😂 One of the best purchased i've ever made, since i've been here in hawai'i is... these Hawaiian Jesus sandals 😜(thats what i call it) so comfy and i literally wear it with everything and everywhere... #restingbitchface•

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"the little butterflies he used to give me turned into little feet." L E I L A N I : Hawaiian origin, meaning of Leilani is "Heavenly lei; Royal child kf heaven" 💕 i wan to congratulate this beautiful mama to let me photograph her for my portfolio and congrats to soon to be parents of sweet leilani!! So Jealous, if i had a girl this was supposed to he her name💕 🌺🌸

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