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This picture may be irrelevant to my topic. In just four months or even half... (ya know, cause the military be changing plans🙄) I'm still in shock that we'll be moving to Clarksville, TN. My first a year in half here was full of sadness, stuck in the house pregnant, had barely any friends, and of course complained nonstop with the hatred i had for Hawai'i (i know right?😅) How i feel for Hawai'i is totally opposite now!! Sure, the being stuck on a rock⛰ pretty suck sometimes...but, what you can't get in mainland is the adventures, sharing protein bars or fruits with strangers on a hike, trading Instagrams and becoming friends, one meet up can turn to a friendship of a life time, business opportunities, and many more. Some may say differently but, Hawai'i is wayyyy different! TRUST ME! I will never forget the memories i've made here. Next New Year and Christmas gonna be so different because, since we've been here we have spend it with our cousins and aunties... & each year i wouldn't miss it for the world! They make me laugh so hard it hurts.😞There's also the bad to Hawai'i but, the goods outweighed it all🌈

+Haku & a tub full of heavenly flowers by @ocean_dreamerr +On frame: @mermaidsirenity

M E R M A I D V I B E S 🌊🌺🌿

+Haku & a tub full of heavenly flowers by @ocean_dreamerr +On frame: @mermaidsirenity

"Just wait till you SEA what this land vixen turned into, as soon as she touched the water!"🌊🌺🌿

+Haku & a tub full of heavenly flowers by @ocean_dreamerr +On frame: @mermaidsirenity +Second photog/assistant/ & the person responsible for this caption😂: @xjenniferryals

Happy Valentine's day all you love birds out there!


Remember my Snaps last weekend to #haikustairs ? HERE IT IS. Truly a must GO hike, blah blah i know its illegal... live a little yeah? There was at least 80 on this hike. Felt like i was at a club😂 our group was up to 20!! So blessed so experienced this with everyone. All credited to my pal/bruhhh @jatzkiboy : he create amazing content. Slide into his DM if you feel adventurous🙈

She's a mama of one dramatic one year old😂 and expecting her second💕!!!

My Go- Getter . 💕.

Dear lord, when I get to heaven
Please let me bring my man
When he comes tell me that you'll let him
Father tell me if you can- Lanadelrey

L, is for the way you look at me...

Sunflowers & (inspirational quotes insert here) 😂

Finally i get to post some of my fav images that i captured as a second shooter last Dec! Im so thankful for @angiediazphotography & @misslmklmk for having me! More to come💕 congrats again to Matt & Lisa