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ok, i legit love this

this album meant everything to me. this man was so talented, and sweet, and beautiful. im so sad he's gone. rest in peace 💔


happy birthday to my big brother, my partner in crime, the batman to my robin, the mario to my luigi, and my best friend, @nickperri!!!!

i am so grateful for my mother, today, and everyday. im so grateful we're so close and i cherish our time together. im so grateful for the endless love and support she gives and continues to give to me. happy mother's day mama and happy mother's day everyday to every mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, guardian and woman teaching someone to love and be loved in this world 💕

happy birthday to the smartest, strongest and most wonderful woman ive ever known, my grandmother ❤️

hey everyone, my brothers band @mounthollyband has a single out today! it's called GET UP! check it out on itunes. worldwide!

repost from @jessjayjessica. i too am too angry to articulate my feelings right now. this is so well written and exactly what i'm afraid of too. thanks dan rather. i can't believe this moment in time we're in. i can't believe what's become normal and okay. we need to WAKE UP. we have so much more power than they lead us to believe. pick up your phone and call your reps if this all makes you as sick as it makes me. rape victims, special needs adults and children, c sections and postpartum depression, asthma, cancer, domestic violence and abuse, mammograms, hiv, depression and mental health... wtffff this effects all of us. #iamapreexistingcondition

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