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we're planning her funeral and i just can't believe it. i'm sitting here trying to think of people i loved more than my aunt dode, and i can't think of many. it really went: mom, dad, nick, dode. that order. for 30 years she meant the world to me. i'm trying to remember special memories or moments but she's in ALL my moments... my whole life! there was NO ONE like her. she drove a camaro. she took me and nick on adventures every weekend. she did halloween better than anyone. she taught me about girl stuff. she never treated me like a kid. she convinced us bruce springsteen was our uncle. she told me i could be anything i wanted to be. she told me how powerful and amazing it was to be a woman and then showed me. she was SO funny. she gave me my first beatles album. she taught me how to drive and made me drive everywhere before i even had my license! i cried on her couch after every breakup. i lived on her couch when i didn't feel understood. she told me my future and was always right. she took me and nick to get our first tattoos! she hated spiders so much, but not as much as mushrooms. she loved my friends and my friends loved her back even more. she never missed a game, play, show, performance or important day. she raised stephen, the greatest 23 year old i know. she loved all of us way more than she loved anything else. she genuinely made me who i am. i cant believe she's gone. i wish this life was easier for her. i wish she wasn't always in so much pain. i wish we had more time together but i'm so glad she's free from suffering now. goodbye, dodie, i hope you're with pop-pop and you'll both watch over us. thank you for all you gave to me and to our family. i'll miss you and love you forever ❤️

thank you @onthedanlowe and @themightysite for talking to me about my experience and hope ❤️ (link in bio)

guess what?

prettiest girl in the world


i can't wait for #thesunandherflowers

happy birthday, america. please get your shit together. love you but for real, tho. bye

#FBF seven years ago today my whole life changed!! still grateful! endless thanks: @keltieknight @sjtookey @waywardlife @ryanchisholm @shewhodaydreams and @ddoff ❤️

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