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ive never experienced anything more beautiful or powerful in my whole life. she is my everything.

wow. i still can’t believe i gave birth to a tiny human. this is my first yoga session alone at home while baby carmella is asleep for one of her very short daytime naps. 20 mins sometimes is all i get! so i hopped on the mat! 🧘🏻‍♀️
here i am, today! i gave birth 12 weeks ago and this is my body. i don’t relate to the women who’s weight falls off right away. mine is taking its time 😝 i am exclusively breastfeeding, and loving every minute of it! sure, i’m still wearing my maternity clothes but WHO CARES! carmella is H E A L T H Y! i gained about 70 pounds with my pregnancy and i am happy to say i’m halfway back to my pre pregnancy weight, but i’m honestly trying not to care. my body is miraculous and even though we’re a little stiff and sore and tired, we’re doing just fine! now, i’m finally working out! to be honest, i couldn’t find the time, or space or energy til right now, and, gosh, it’s feels sooo good!💥

i want to give a huge shout out to @kkyoga for bringing me yoga at home, and for helping me put my mind body and spirit back together! also, to @neelushruti for getting me through the first weeks of milk production and breastfeeding! it’s officially my favorite thing ever🤱🏻 and @marta_ginter_doula for being my postpartum doula, friend, and all around mom-guru teaching me and carmella everything we need to know and everything we need to do these past couple weeks! i’m so grateful for my postpartum family!
it takes a village to raise a little human and i LOVE IT. everyday has been a new adventure for us. my life is forever better because carmella’s here and i love mommying more than anything i’ve ever done before. thanks for all your super sweet thoughts, words and notes about her. she really is the cutest 🤗
namaste 🙏🏼

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