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Christina Papadellis  ⚜️🌹

I see the change,I see the message
And no message could've been any clearer...〽️⚜️〽️

Bitches tryna ride my fuckin wave🌊,now they salty💧#itiswhatitis 😎

Call it how it is 〽️

And my head is in the ocean-too deep"but I"know where I'm goin...and I ll end up where I really belong 〽️

I m treatin every year like it's game 7 🌹


I m good at what I do and what I do isn't very nice 🌹#remembermyname

When u don't care about anythin 😎🌹

I ll be ripping u apart and celebrate with a lot of champagne and strawberries ...#destiny #trustme #waitforit 🌹〽️🌹

Makin memories with u is my favourite thing to do ❤️🌹💯

I'm feelin my self 〽️💯〽️#ahlanwasahlan


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