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Christina Cimorelli  The oldest sister in the band Cimorelli. Mix a lion with a kitten and that's my personality. 😼 NEW ALBUM #SADGIRLSCLUB IS OUT NOW!!!


I cannot believe we have a podcast now HAHA this thing is very revealing my gosh. πŸ˜…πŸ˜³ I am LOVINGGGG it, though!!! You can watch it on YouTube or listen on the podcast app. New episode every Monday.... This first season is 15 episodes long!!! 😱 if you've watched/listened to both episodes out so far.... What's your reaction?!? Comment below and I'm gonna respond haha

My Sad Girls Club story 😭 taking it back to when I was 16 😳

Every single week for 15 weeks we are telling our stories that go with the songs! We are going in order of the track list and podcast episodes!!! (Which are the same lol) this week is alllll about sad girls club! I just accidentally typed sad girls flub HAHAHAHA anyway..... This is my little story and the rest of the girls are going to tell theirs as well!!!! What's four story?? Can you relate to mine? πŸ˜³πŸ˜…

My go-to lol.......

I CAN'T BELIEVE OUR ALBUM IS OUT!!! We poured out hearts and souls into this. We did so much producing on this and wrote every single song and even sang our own solo songs. I was terrified to make and release this album because we put SO MUCH into it that it really feels like we are putting a part of our hearts out there for the world to see. I just wanna thank my sisters for trusting me yet again to head up this process and attempt to lead them in a direction that gets us all where we want to be and brings our dreams to life. I feel so honored that they have let me grow as a leader in front of them and have stuck by me through my highs and lows and all my mistakes and failures. β€’
And I know I already poured my heart and tears out on snapchat to all of you who endlessly support us..... But seriously thank you to all of you guys for listening and making this album come to life as a shared experience we now have. Thank you for making our career what it is today. β€’
And lastly I have to say a huge thank you to @EthanBrewington and @JoshBarkerMusic for helping us grow through this process and building us up and helping us bring our vision to life. I learned so much from this and I'm SO grateful for that!!! You were a big part of such a time of growth for me and I'm so thankful to you two!! Thank you!!! β€’
Well everyone..... Welcome to the #SADGIRLSCLUB πŸ˜‰πŸ’”πŸ˜

We are doing almost the exact same face in both pics haha. It's just the sister connection you know? jk. PS OMG OUR ALBUM #SADGIRLSCLUB COMES OUT IN 2 DAYS!!!!! 😱
πŸ“Έ: @clayton.birk

Can't believe it's 3 days until #SadGirlsClub comes out 😭

πŸ“Έ: @clayton.birk

The oldest and the youngest sis 😎 (I do this caption every time haha) β€’
πŸ“Έ: @clayton.birk

Shot our video for #CimorelliSaturday today.
And I already know I'm gonna have a good night tonight.
Why? Cause i'm making chicken. 😎

Okay so I have lost the ability to sign my name. I swear I used to have a beautifullllll signature. Lol sorry everyone who ordered these 😭😭😭 JK it doesn't really make a difference hah

Every other day someone says OMG your hair has gotten so long!!! It's been the same length for 3 YEARS, PEOPLE. Give or take 1 inch lol

Our next single "Cars + Parking Lots" is coming out on pledge music today!!! Link in bio 😘 coming to iTunes and Spotify soonnnnn
πŸŽ₯: @bryantbural

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