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Christina Cimorelli Oldest sister in Cimorelli. 💍Engaged 😍 Mix a lion with a kitten and that's my personality😼 NEW EP #ILoveYouOrWhatever

Happy birthday to US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauren is such a lovely human and I’m proud to share a bday with her!!!!! She’s not a teenager anymore 😱 which is very fitting tbh. And I’m freaking almost 30. LOVE IT!!!!! Hahaha for real though. Anyway I could go on for hours about Lauren but I’ll do that in another post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! #28andEXTRAgreat😉 🎉🎉🎉

100K NEW SUBSCRIBERS JUST IN JULY!?!?!? What the heck omg thank you guys so much! Can’t believe the CimFam is growing so much and so quickly right nowwww!!!! I’m so grateful to all of you. Every new person and especially everyone who has been around for years or months!!!! You all mean so much to us and we can’t thank you enough for being such a huge part of making our dreams come true. THANK YOU AND WELCOME TO ALL YOU NEW AMAZING PEOPLE!!!!

In my natural habitat.... directing. Telling people what to do. Being commanding. Lol. Creating art. Yelling WOOOOOOO!!! To get people to have more energy. Listen, I love being in charge and telling everyone what to do and being serious and focused and it’s just natural having 9 younger siblings... but I’m also one of the most energetic childlike almost 30 year olds you’ll ever meet. I’m enjoying having these two different sides of me and playing them up at different times 💁🏼‍♀️

Our EP is available to stream and buy everywhere NOW!!! #iloveyouorwhatever
What’s your favorite song?!?!?

#iloveyouorwhatever comes out everywhere to stream and purchase it TOMORROWWWW!! Comment a ⭐️ if you’re excited 😍😍😍

TWO monumental things happening here. First, actual photo of me making one of the only semi-normal facial expressions in a pic. This never happens. Seriously.... NEVER. Two, actual candid pic of me mid-dance at a wedding looking EXACTLY like the queen of England. Poised. Elegant. Breath-taking. All synonyms for beautiful.... nailed it.

Live. Laugh. Love 💗 HAHA JK that quote.... smh. BTW COME SEE US IN AUGUST!!! ⭐️
8/25 - ATLANTA, GA
Get VIP tickets so we can meet you and hug youuuuu 😘💗😭 Link in bio! ☺️

8/25 - ATLANTA, GA
Get VIP tickets so we can meet you and hug youuuuu 😘💗😭 Link in bio! ☺️

brand new “Superstar” merch shirt up on our website ANDDDD you can stream #Superstar now!!!!!!!! Link in bio for both 😜 I loveeeeee our merch and this new music 😍😍😍❤️💙💛

I forgot to show you guys more of these😍 we are going to do more engagement shoots soon 😏 yes... shoots. Plural. lol swipe to the end to see Nick’s idea of what engagement pics should be HAHHAHAH PS - just wanna say I can’t believe I am marrying him. I feel like the actual luckiest girl on the planet. He is so sweet and kind and caring☺️ (and helping more with wedding planning than I am!) Did NOT see that one coming. I am so lucky. I used to think about my “dream” guy.... and he is like a million times better than what I pictured in my wildest dreams ahhaha I know this sounds dramatic but it’s so true. For real though... it’s not about finding the most “adventurous and exciting” guy your young self can find....because that gets old and becomes not so exciting fast. A trustworthy, kind guy with incredible values and morals is what ends up making building a future together incredibly fun, exciting and fulfilling!!! My heart feels like it’s overflowing 😍😭

Don’t you dare dent my car 📷: @claytonbirk

WHAT A JAMMMMM!!! This song is called “No Good” and it’s on our new EP I Love You or Whatever!!! I dance to it in front of my mirror in my room all the time HAHAHAHAHAH 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 and we are wearing alllll new merch in this 😍 so if you want our shirts click that link in my bio boiiiiiiii

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