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Christina Bedetta🌻  Vegan • Dietetic Intern • Yoga teacher • Art and nature lover • Recipe creator • Blog👇

Creamy avocado hummus- two of my favorite foods combined🥑👌💛 This recipe is new on my blog😊

How I am celebrating #nationalpeanutbutterandjellyday 👌

Post- animal sanctuary, bookstore, and tea day💛 @missfitzy23

Simple banana pancakes with lots of maple syrup 👌
It’s been a busy few months but it feels good to have finished my clinical internship rotations. Seeing so many patients with a wide variety of conditions each day has been inspiring on so many levels💛

Crunchy toasted tortilla with creamy zucchini hummus dip, nutritional yeast, and herbs that kind of resemble ☘️ 😋

“I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.” ~Georgia O’Keeffe

After searching for ways to turn some of my favorite photos into tapestries and decorations for my apartment, I made a little shop on @society6 and wish I had discovered it sooner. So many unique and beautiful products by so many talented artists❤️ for anyone who might like to take a look at mine😊

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks filled with internship work, projects, exams, case studies, presentations, my own health issues, and little sleep, but also, on a very bright note, finding and apartment! At times like these, quick and easy meals/snacks always win, and avocado toast is ALWAYS in the mix🥑👌

Creamy chocolate banana ice cream with rose petals🌹 One of the best simple desserts to to enjoy with someone you love❤️
This is my entry for #bestofveganvalentine with the lovely @bestofvegan 😊

“She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings.” ~Atticus
I’m not always the best at opening up about my challenges, but I know that everybody faces them and sometimes sharing a bit feels right. Two years ago I underwent a life-changing intestinal surgery. I have struggled with chronic illnesses throughout my life, from several GI disorders to fibromyalgia to autoimmune/neuromuscular conditions, some of which I am still trying to get figured out. There are many days that I feel super overwhelmed by everything in combination with my busy schedule and all of the work I am completing for my internship. There are also many days that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I CAN do, for all of the beautiful people and opportunities I have in my life, and for how far I have come in these past two years.
In terms of yoga, I developed a sort of love-hate relationship with my practice after my surgery. I became frustrated with the challenges I faced while attempting poses that were once easier, and especially with the days that pain has prevented me from practicing at all. What I am learning now is the importance of embracing the opportunity that I have to work with my body, and empower myself through yoga each day. There are some days that gentle stretching and breath work are the extent of my ability, and others that I can flow in and out of strong poses for what feels like forever. Accepting my body as it is and learning to work with my limitations has been a process that I will only continue to grow from, and, for that, I am forever grateful.

Who else loves Japanese sweet potatoes? They make the most delicious oven fries, especially when paired with guac👌🥑

“Plant kindness and gather love.”
Words of wisdom from my daily tea💛

🌙Sweet potato smoothie bowl with pumpkin spice granola and seeds👌Such a nice wintery smoothie option for these cold days😋

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