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Christina Azarian  I love philosophy, yoga, creating, exploring, learning, meditating, animals & nonsense.

If you ever read any of my yoga post spheals, let it be this one:

No one likes ego. No one thinks your big head is attractive. I wish I could go around and just break everyone's egos so that the true beauty shows. You know what's beautiful? Humility.

Every time you fall and shatter your egoic shell, you learn who you really are underneath the facade you were conditioned to have or the expectations forced upon you.
Who freaking cares if, with proper form, I can't touch my toes to my head in this specific posture? I don't. They may never touch, given my short legs and long torso. That's not what yoga or life are all about.
I'm sick of people "humble bragging." It's not cute. Who cares? Some people go their entire lives without going upside down or having a lot of money or being in shape or whatever and, guess what? They're probably more secure with themselves than those who cling to some external result as a measure of self worth. Your worth is internal. The external is fleeting.

I went feeshing this weekend with my friend @theblacktopoutlaw! 🐟 I may have dozens of mosquito bites on my back, but this view is worth it.

I found a majestic heron.

My best friend of 6 years. Thank you for always letting me be myself. I love you, A.A.Ron. ❤️

This place is so awe inspiring.

Be exactly where you are.
Our job isn't to explode our limits. If we surrender, observe, and approach them with gentleness and acceptance, it will allow our bodies and our minds to expand.

Fungus Amongus 🍄

I love your little chihuahua face.

April showers bring May flowers and migraines.

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