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👑LilDonna🤱🏽  Mama to Victoria🤱🏽🌎💞 I Wear My Heart💛Like A Crown👑 💍J.ROD💋Hasta La Muerte🥀 #SpicyMamíHotTamale #iShowLoveCuzImNotLikeTheRestOfYous💕

💕Lil Donna🌹

My BabyGirl reminds me of this picture of me when she cries haha that’s about it tho 🤣😭 #BabyDonna #Mama #Chillona #SantaWasScary #ThrowBack

Last week after a banquet 💙
I love making her smile&laugh 💕

I hope you had a lovely birthday Bessetti Besghetti💕🍝 #LateBirthdayPost #ThrowBacks #MyFirstBabyShower #Fiesta

“Oh no! I DO taste delicious!”🤭💖
-But I don’t wanna be food😔
#CupCakesAndRainbows🌈 #FBF #SuperBowl #DoYouEvenKamehameha? #MamíAndVee🤱🏽

Happy Mother’s Day! 💐
My fave pic of US 3 so far💕
Thank you MOM! For raising Us to be the people we are today! I know raising all of US wasn’t easy! But girrrrrrrl, you did amazing! We’ve seen how hard it was for you & I just want to thank you because watching you get thru all obstacles help to shape the woman I am today! You made our childhood so fun! I catch myself thinking all the time by the way I am with Victoria I remember you use to play & be silly with us too! I can’t wait to build club houses, sing, dance, play/bathe/dress Barbies with my baby girl the way you did with us💕 I know sometimes we bump heads a lot but I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU! #MamíAndDaughters #MAMAS

💝☮️🕊received this beautiful diaper cake I won for my BabyGirl yesterday💖 make sure you check this profile out for all your diaper cake needs! She makes beautiful, creative, unique designs but I’ll let you see for yourselves! 💟🎂👶🏽🚼
Thank you @jeanfoster7371 I had to borrow your picture 🤭
#DiaperCakeGiveawayWinner #Peace #DoveBeanieBaby

UNINTERRUPTED showers rarely happen...but when they do....👑✨💖
#Motherhood #MomLifeBeLike #OnceUponATime

My BabyGirl turned 7 months yesterday 😭💕 it’s a bittersweet feeling! So sad she’s grown so much but still so exciting to watch her grow& grow💞

Feliz Dia De Las Mamacitas!🤱🏽

Mi Niña Bonita🌺
#SnapChatFun #MommyAndVee🤱🏽

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