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CHRISTINA  23💫 UK Fashion Blogger Graduate fashion stylist and promoter Mum of two little boys 💕

Hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekend! 💕

Late posting today as I’ve been getting ready for work.. going to be the start of a really busy weekend for bar staff 😴

So I’ve spent the last two weeks stepping out of my comfort zone and I feel good about it!
I’ve posted photos that I felt insecure about.

I attended and interview and didn’t let my nerves get the better of me.

I attended my first blogging event and although I struggled to enjoy it I know the next one will be a lot better!
I got up and sang karaoke without being drunk or being able to hide behind my friends 😂

Although it won’t seem like a lot to some, it’s a huge deal to me as I’m so shy! 💕

Self love is the key to living a happier life 🥰

This I’ve debated on posting this for days. I’ve literally never felt great about my body in fact I spent most of my teens hating it and wishing I could be smaller. As I’m getting older I’m still not 100% okay with it but I’m learning to embrace it. Self love is so important and I just want you guys to love your imperfections as that’s what makes you unique 🥰

Hope everyone’s have an amazing weekend! 💕☀️

I think it’s really time I worked on my confidence with talking to new people! I have no reason to feel not good enough or to scared to talk to someone but yet I do every time.
If I want to work in the career I do just to get through the interview process I’m going to have to work on this so any advice on how to at least act more confident when talking to people would be much appreciated 😂

I look like I’m thinking of something really deep in reality I’m debating on whether to eat more noodles when I get home 😂

Finally going back to the gym tonight! Let’s home I can make this count!

I think learning to love yourself is one of the most important things in life.. this last year I’ve learned how to love myself and appreciate myself and I can’t even begin to explain how much of a different mindset it’s given me.

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday! 💕

5 things you may or may not know about me!
• I became a mum at 18 during my second year of college. I was so determined to finish college that I returned a week later! I then went on to do the exact same thing in uni, having my second child in the second year.
• I’m one of six! All our names begin with a C.
•I never planned on becoming a mum but it made me so much stronger
•I studied fashion related subjects in uni. Fashion design in college and promotion in university!
•Finally I work in a night club I started there while I was in college and have been there ever since!
Tell me something about yourself!

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