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🍑Band glute workout🍑

1️⃣kick backs into abductors (using the same leg then switch sides and repeat on the other leg)
2️⃣squat jumps 3️⃣squats
4️⃣pull throughs

15 reps of each exercise, 4 sets no rest between - if you fancy more of a challenge add 20 walking lunges in between your sets 🍑 👀 see if you can spot the Jesse 👀😂
Also I am using two bands here, I have one through the other so it works as a hoop for my foot to go through!
Song: Ava max - sweet but psycho

Upper body fat burning circuit... 1️⃣sit up into tricep press 2️⃣ high plank rows, into shoulder press 3️⃣ Dimond press, burpees 4️⃣ high plank walk with squat thrusts
10 of each exercise x 4 sets 10-20 seconds rest between sets
@arianagrande - Santa tell me


Two dish cloths and a mat... core workout. Repeat each exercise 10 times, 20 seconds rest between sets 🔂 4x sets in total.
Song : post malone

It only takes 20 mins working-out aerobically for endorphins to be released, for a day of increased energy levels and improved mood! ✨if your low on motivation atm, try training for the good feelings 🥰

Band only glute circuit
10 reps each exercise, 3 sets, no rest
TIPS : 🍑push through your heals with the thrust, lifting your toes of the wall will help prevent you from putting pressure into your toes! 🍑keep your knees bent with the kick backs, this will insure you are keeping tension on your glutes rather then tensing your quads 🍑 keep your hips as still as possible while doing your kick back and side lifts 🍑 mind to muscle connection! Think about each individual bum cheek while your preforming the exercise, and squeezing as hard as you can at the top.
Parts of this video are speeded up! Keep movement slow and focused on what muscles you are working

Struggling to get training in at the moment ... but here’s a little core circuit for at home 💧sit ups 💧crunches with pillow 💧side plank - both sides 💧low plank downward dogs
10 reps of each, 4 sets 🔁

Music - niykee Heaton - bad intentions

🍑 Glutes activation! 🍑- one to add to you’re warmup... a little circuit to wake your glutes up before you train, to insure you are using them during your workout!
Four exercises which I explain how to preform below..
You can do this at home or the gym, all you need is a band! Great to use before your booty workout or circuit.
1️⃣ standing single leg lifts - keep band above knees, pushing against the band and squeezing at the top, keep movement controlled and tension on the band - I find I feel these more when I lift on a angle rather then directly behind me or directly to the side!
2️⃣ - seated band abductors - Purch on the end of a seat, knees on a 90degree angle from the hips, on your tip toes, pushing out against the resistant band, keeping movement controlled - make sure you are squeezing your glutes with this exercises, movement needs to be coming from the hips not the knees!
3️⃣&4️⃣ Hip thrusts - first set with a weight, seconds set without, make sure you are driving up through the hips, holding with a squeeze at the top. Keeping pressure through your heals, not in your toes - having your back at the same height as your knees allows you to get a better range of movement, and I find it works my glute more then my hamstrings - you can do these off the side of your sofa, using a large candle as your weight on your hip bone!

10 reps each exercise x 4 sets no rest between sets.
Happy squeezing! 😂

Music : post malone - 92 explorer

Grab a mat and a sturdy pasta bake dish and give this core circuit ago ... 😂
10 reps each exercise. 20 seconds rest between sets, 3 sets. ➰plank taps ➰high plank jumps ➰knee to chest ➰side taps ➰crunches - I’m splitting legs over the bowl with these (make sure your back doesn’t lift of the ground)
Music - @arianagrande - thank you, next

Tbt ... Exactly 1 year ago.. with Jesse in my belly!
Iv had a strange week with feeling anxious and low... I’m the happiest I have been in myself and in general life, than I have been for a very long time... but this week a lot has reminded me of how hard last year was and the fear of being back in this place haunts me! ... when I’m unhappy I want to be happy, when I’m happy I’m scared of not being happy!
I have always been a worrier, doubt myself and feel like everyone is going to f*ck me over and hurt me. The fear of being unhappy is what’s always made me unhappy... anyway. What I’m trying to get at is, seasons, smells and even sounds can take us back to experience, feelings... some good and some bad! But I suppose it’s up to us to use them bad memory’s as a lesson and grow from them 💭 everything happens for a reason.. even the bad things!

Posed, filtered and tanned VS not posed, not filtered and defo not tanned! Remember people only post what they want you to see! The only person you should be comparing yourself to is YOU!

Tag a friend you think might like this booty and leg home workout, for a chance to win a free personalised nutrition plan and training program!
Easy to do and no equipment needed -
1️⃣ squat jumps / side jumps 2️⃣ single legs lunges with a knee lift
3️⃣ jumping lunges 4️⃣ alternet curtsy lunges skip things ( I don’t actaully know the name! ) 5️⃣ WORKING REST 20 seconds seat hold
10 of each exercise, Repeat 3 times no rest. It’s a killer!!! - if you struggle at first add a 20 seconds rest between sets! Enjoy! 🍑 music - hasley - without me

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