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When you look like you have your shit together, but really your picking baby sick out of your hair 😀... The false world of social media! So many people comment on my story’s, about how easy everything looks... remember people only show you what they want you to see on social media (we are all guilty of this) I don’t put on my IG story when Jesse poos all over himself or lee puts bogies on my pillow 😂- We have had a testing few weeks (or should I say I have) with jesse taking a few steps back with his eating and sleeping, lack of sleep, and hormones still not fully settled. I have literally not wanted to leave the house some days with such low energy and lack of motivation, but that’s okay.. because I’m only human 🤗... don’t be fooled into thinking everyone’s life is perfect.. we all have 💩 to deal with!

Progression pictures.. first one is now 👉🏽 one to your right is in July ... These pictures are exactly 2 months apart... slowly building muscle after having Jesse, through diet and 90% none gym based training. Didn’t feel like I had made any progression until I saw these photos next to each other! No matter how long it takes, only one person can get you where you want to be... DM for information on programs and diet plans 😀 #3monthspostportum #5monthspostportum

Incredible weekend at @goodwoodrevival 👗🎩 feel very lucky to have been able to go and experience it! #goodwoodrevival #50sfashion

Least training I have done in years, but the fittest I have felt in my life. And after having a baby 5 months ago. Finding the right balance 💫

Three years ago today I came over to the classic tt as my first meeting with lee, that year was his first classic win, three years on and he gets his second win on the same day ... feeling very proud! 😊

While being away for a while I have decided to use it to my advantage and try something new.. instead of shoving ten ton of branflakes down my neck as soon as I wake up, I am going to do a short fasted workout after Jesse has had his breakfast and is down for his nap ... this morning I woke up in a grumpy mood (lee will back me up on that 😂) I couldn’t be bothered talking never mind doing a work out, but I fed Jesse, had a coffee, stuck my headphones in and locked myself in the garage. As soon as I started I felt 100x better... we all have bad days, sometimes there doesn’t need to be a reason, but there’s only one person who can turn it around 👇🏽 (that fingers pointing at you😂) #excusethemorninghair #andtheCT #ifyouknowwhatCTmeans

Not a bad week 🍾❤️ despite the Irish weather ! 🥈🥈

UGP time 💨... good luck to everyone racing this week ... hope it’s a safe and successful week for everyone 🍾

4 months post • no filters 🚫

Since my pregnancy I have a lot more respect for my body and what it’s capable of.
If I’m bloated that’s fine, if people think I’m too skinny or too fat that’s fine. I’m proud of my body and what it’s capable of. Before I had Jesse I would stress about what other people thought, about missing a gym session or eating some chocolate. I manage to get to the gym around once a week - some times not even that atm, and I try get a few home workouts in a few times a week. I am eating whatever I want to eat, if I want broccoli I have broccoli, if I want biscuits I have biscuits. Yes I have lost a lot of muscle but for everything my body has done this last year building that up isn’t a priority.
I am mindful of what I eat in the sense of I want to fuel my body with good food that is going to help it recover - while I was pregnant even more so as I new Jesse was getting it Aswell. Everyone’s different and different things work for different people but here are a few things that have helped me along the way! -staying hydrated 🚰 a lot of people mistake thirst for hunger -making treats at home 👩🏾‍🍳 even if it’s unhealthy treats, at least then you know what’s going into it! - you can always make a batch and freeze some if your stuck for time
-rest when need 😴I have stopped trying to force myself into training when I need to rest, I find that when I am over tired I binge for energy
-sweet treats after meals 🍬weather it be fruit or sweets, I have something sweet after a meal rather then starving myself of treats for 5 days and then having a day of cheat meals -having substantial meals rather then picking all day 🥗 if I graze I don’t ever get full all day, and I could keep going till I close my eyes ! - I now make sure each meal is hanging over my plate and I have a full belly by the end of it! -juices 🥥 if I have a day where I don’t feel like I have had enough veg I will make myself a juice before bed to make sure my body’s got what it needs that day!
Sorry if this post offends you, I want people to know it is possible to feel good in your skin after having a baby without training like a mad women or starving yourself.

15 weeks today this little man has been in our life 🧡

Bit of a personal post coming up ... I have been in a negative mind set for a good few months now, not sure if it’s the time of year, change in hormones or lack of communication with friends and family from being busy with little man and being away a lot... I’m not a believer in medication to fix problems personally I feel like talkings healthier fix although not the easiest...
Everyone is so quick to judge, whether they think your grumpy, boring, hard work or ignorant.. people seem to think that if someone’s life looks easy from the outside then they have nothing to be struggling with, but everyone has there own issues, whether it be self confidence to money issues... everyone is going to hit points in their life where they struggle and they need support... some more than others in my case 🤔😂
If a close family member or friend or partner has been quiet, grumpy, or isolated talk to them, sit and give them your time before you start pulling them down further by saying negative things about their mood or the way they are.. todays society is too quick to judge.
If you love or care for someone you should go above and beyond to make sure they are happy... a smile can hide a lot to people who aren’t close to you but you can’t fake a smile 24 hours a day. #rantover 🙌🏽

Time to work on building again, increasing my strength body and mind... the last three months have been filled with trying to figure out motherhood, with little training going on and not a lot of self love!!! People that know me well will know I am quiet a negative person, I always set my self up for things to go wrong in life ... time to change this!!! Strong body strong mind and all that 🤔😂

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