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christiedupree  Merriment is my band. Jesus is my savior. | Nashville, TN


Get you a friend who will sit with you and ignore you while she works and you just take photos of her cause you're bored and she's got better things to do than just talk to you. Those are the priceless friendships we all need in life.

His mercies aren't just new every morning, they're new every evening too.

The balance of being adequately hard on oneself, so as to keep moving but not over do it, rest but not become lazy, challenged but not overachieving to the point of missing the mark.. that's the difficulty I often find myself facing. When to show yourself grace and when to push yourself. That scale is ever on the verge of tipping to the wrong side at any moment. Balance. It takes practice. We're gonna fall sometimes. But it's okay. It's all gonna be okay.

All I wanna do is play Zelda Ocarina of Time.

As if having talented friends isn't enough, I like to have giant reminders of them posted up on my wall so I don't forget it. Tapestry by my side-sis @shealeenlouise. Check out her website and purchase her beautiful botanical paintings πŸ₯€πŸŒ·πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸƒ (Not sponsored. I just legitimately love her work. She didn't even give me a discount. I just am her number one fan forever and ever amen)

Made pumpkin curry with carrots, chicpeas, topped with maple caramelized onions, chopped pecans and sriracha. To which all I can say is: DOUBLE MY FALL WHEN I CALL, O LORD!! PERPETUATE MY AUTUMN, DONT DO ME LIKE SODOM!! LIKE A PUMPKIN IN THE HAND OF A CARVER, SO AM I IN YOUR HAND O LORD!! YES INDEED YOU CURRY MY BURDENS!! YOU LEAD ME BESIDE QUIET PUMPKINS, YOU RESTORE MY SOUL!! πŸπŸŽƒπŸ‚

Noteworthy: This weekend I attended a conference at my church, and I had purchased my ticket to this event back in December before I had even moved to Nashville. At one point somebody who was speaking said to think of just one thing that God had done for you lately and praise him for it, and so many things came to mind, but what truly overwhelmed me was looking to my right and to my left and seeing the sheer volume of ENTIRELY SPECIAL AND INCREDIBLE individuals I have come to call friends since moving here. Literally unreal. When I bought that ticket back in December I didn't know any of these people who are now such huge blessings to my life. I just tear up at God's creativity and faithfulness and I love love love the people he has brought into my life thus far. Tag @ everyone I've met since moving here 😭 (ALSO noteworthy: leaving your hometown is VERY HARD and my heart aches for my loved ones there, but in light of how badly I miss them, it illuminates even more His goodness in how he hasn't lead me here to be alone. He's good he's good he's good. In every season and every transition and change.)

The best leaders are the ones who follow Jesus. Ever increasingly thankful for my pastors and their commitment to following Jesus and leading us so well. @thebelongingco conference this week was life changing. But words fail me. Still processing. πŸ˜­βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

That awkward moment when you run into your coworkers at another coffee shop. Typical.

I think we hold onto old dead things that used to have life because we fear we won't have anything good again. We leave doors open in our hearts to potential relationships that we know aren't right for us because we fear we won't actually find the person who really gets us.
Lately God has been trying to show me that I can actually afford to let go of everything old and dead and everything that ever almost was because I CAN TRUST HIM. I can trust him enough to close doors in my heart and I don't have to fear that at all because HE'S GOT ME. He's got my heart. He's got any pain, any fear. He's trustworthy. He's hemming us in. And he's not going to abandon you to a broken and closed off heart. Instead he's taking back your heart for himself so that he's actually able to heal it.
Trust him enough to let go of everything that you know is dead. Everything that you know is failing you. Ask him for the vision to dream new dreams. Ones that actually make you happy. The best most beautiful thing you can learn is how to get comfortable and spread your tents wide in God's love for you. In his trustworthiness. In his faithfulness and in his ability to bring about miracles in your life as easy as breathing. SPREAD OUT in this territory. Run from side to side. Do a cartwheel. Take a nap. Roll around on the floor like an idiot in the confidence you have in God! Try it and realize it's true! Test it. He will never ever ever let you down. His love is spacious and so specific for you. It's unending. You can never find the end of this grand and beautiful love no matter how far or wide you search. Trust it. Trust Him. It's worth everything.

He answers every question in my heart with the most loving and resounding "yes". Every single one. My focus lately has been to let each "yes" echo through my being. On each different question. To let the answer resound in such a way that actually changes the insides of my heart. Leading me to trust his faithful goodness and absolute ridiculous love for me in a way I haven't experienced before. I encourage you to take time to ask him how he feels about you and don't be afraid to get real. He loves your total honesty. ❀️

When your friends are photographers and make you look kinda cool. Follow Dillon. He's cool and his photos are doap. Miss you, Dil!

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