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christiedupree  My friends are jerks. | Nashville, TN

Give me all the pale blues and pastel hues, plz. #christiedupreefilm

It's too bad my nieces aren't all perfect models. What a darn shame. #christiedupreefilm #lucyjeanbemis

Cool friends. #christiedupreefilm

Got 3 rolls of film developed today.. Here's Scarlett looking like a bb model. #christiedupreefilm #scarlettoliviaking

“But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.”
‭‭-Psalms‬ ‭73:28‬ ‭

“After He had dismissed the crowds, He went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When it was evening, He was there alone.” -MATTHEW‬ ‭14:23‬ ‭// Jesus often went off alone to desolate places to pray. But he dismissed the crowds first. He put away the people and the distractions and quieted the noise first. How often do we attempt to come to God in prayer but only half heartedly and our attention spans wander aimlessly as the noise and chaos of our days and the people in our lives and our phones distract us? My goal this week is to DISMISS THE CROWDS before going to that quiet place alone with God. He deserves our undivided, unWAVERING attention. He has the ability to capture our hearts and arrest our souls with unmatched wonder, and yet we barely give him a spare moment. Let's go all in. Put away the noise and go FIND HIM. He's already there waiting for you.

He gives us his best even when we're at our worst. His best is being poured out over us ALL THE TIME. My cup overflows, y'all . "Living water, river wild in me, immerse me in your mercy, open heaven crashing over me, restore me in your glory."

"So often we try to identify ourselves by the fruit of a past season, but sometimes God wants to bring us into a season where he has to plant us into the ground for a while before he can grow us up again. But don't be discouraged if it takes longer than you expect because GOOD FRUIT is worth waiting for. Roots have to grow deep. Don't ruin your chances of producing good fruit by being unwilling to be buried, unseen, and planted in the dirt. Too many people are focusing on building towers when they should be digging wells. Digging down deep and letting roots take place and allowing God to prepare them and plant them in the good soil that produces lasting growth." - paraphrased from my pastors message the other week. 🙌🏼 - @thebelongingco

Seen a lot of sunrises since moving to Nashville. Not mad about it. My grandmother bought me these shoes ❤✨

When ya bump into ya bestie in the bathroom at church and ya both lookin fly in red. Gram it. ❤

In the second chapter of Daniel, the king has a dream that he wants interpreted. He demand that all the wisemen be brought to him to tell him the dream he had and to reveal it's meaning. When nobody is able to do this, the king sets a decree that all the wisemen in Babylon be killed. Daniel catches word of this and goes to the kings guard and asks for an appointment with the king so that he may reveal the dream and it's meaning to the king. At this point in time Daniel does not know what the king dreamed of or it's meaning. But he makes the appointment anyways. In faith. And then he runs home to his friends and tells them to pray. The Lord comes through for them and reveals the dream and it's meaning to Daniel. Daniel and his friends worship The Lord and then Daniel meets the king for their appointment. He tells the king that he has no special ability but that it is The Lord who is the revealer of mysteries and The Lord who gives wisdom. He tells the king of his dream and it's meaning, and the king is amazed and declares that Daniel's God is indeed God of gods and King of kings. What I find so amazing about this story is that at the time when Daniel set his appointment with the king, he had NO idea that God was going to come through for him. But he knew who his God was, and that's basically the same thing. His faith knew what his facts did not. And then he asks for help in prayer. His friends were immediate in dropping to their knees. That's the kind of friend I want to be and the kind of friends I want to have. And God honored their faith and was quick to respond. But I love that EVEN THOUGH their lives were at steak and he could have just made haste to the king, he had time to worship and praise God for his goodness and faithfulness first. Stepping out in faith when you have no idea of the outcome is always going to be scary, but may we be like Daniel and not hesitate to throw ourselves head first into whatever assignment God has appointed us to. May we not wait around for tedious direction but assume responsibility in faith, knowing that God always comes through for those who aim to accomplish his will.

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