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Christie Nelson |-/  love God supremely love others deeply • "In some form or another, you've all drank George Washington's pee." -Mr. Cornstarch

a sneak peak into the watermelon photoshoot... more pics and information to come 🍉 ....p.s. Joe ate about a watermelon and a half one sitting...I'm impressed #innerstate180 #youthsofdixon #watermelon

this was worth the $10 I paid her to go on the slip n slide fully clothed

my mom is the bestestest mom out there and she does a fantastic job homeschooling us and through her actions she shows us how God intended us to love each other also I love her also she is so fun

hey guys, see this gate I'm sitting on? Okay well moments after this photo was taken, I fell off of the gate...backwards. Head first. Hands in my pockets. Defenseless. Into those plants. Ok that's all, have a good day everyone ✌🏻✌️

congratulations to Hannah on being such a beautiful bride to be, so excited for you!!❤️🌻praying for a blessed marriage between you and Bill:)
and shoutout to these other girls for being there since the beginning! Love you all❤️❤️

good times in Crescent City w/ the best of the best

good times in Greece

I love my cat so much
don't mind my laughing as he punched my nose in the middle of our photo shoot 😂 #bogdingarlicsaltphd #thatearhairtho

for those of you who haven't met him yet, this is my boy and his name is Bogdin but sometimes we call him bongo, garlic salt, or dr. bogs. I love him #bogdingarlicsaltphd

having flashbacks of sitting on the pier, watching the colors of the sky change and fish jump out of the water in Greece

throwback to a bit ago when @sadiewho11 took us to Pizza My Heart for my first slice 🍕❤️🙌🏻

today we went to the Davis farmer's market and had a breakfast picnic:) love these girls

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