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Angel Christian Huerta, MS,RD  📍Rio De Janeiro 🎞Youtube: Christian Huerta 🥇Online Dietitian and Wellness Coach 🍎 Work with me? Link below 👍🏼

This year has been a very challenging year for me. Thank God I have family and friends always pushing me to continue what I’m doing- to continue my own consulting business and the creation of other small businesses that I’m working on. Sometimes it crosses my mind that I could go back to The USA and get a ‘normal’ 9-5 job and make lots of money. But that’s not me. I’ve done it before and I felt trapped. Thank you to everyone who is always pushing me towards my dreams. ♥️ #FuckYea

🇺🇸 ♥️Love Wins ♥️🇧🇷 #LoveWins The people who are hating are the ones who are suffering. Happy people do not look at other people with ridicule. You cannot put out a fire with fire. So when you are the target of someone else’s insecurities, do your best to smile and know that it isn’t your fault they’re angry with themselves. Live your life! Now is the time!!!! ♥️🌺♥️🌺#internationaldayagainsthomophobia #gaycouple #FuckYea

You helped me to realize what It means to love another man, to understand him, to love even if you don’t understand, and to be there for him when he needs somebody. You’ve helped me to see the perfection in the imperfection... that we all make mistakes and it’s ok.You’ve been the most reflective man of my life, showing me who I am and where I need to grow. You’ve helped me learn to put my pride away and to move forward with love. You’ve been such a clear mirror for me. I love you. ❤️

🇧🇷♥️I love Brazil! ♥️🇧🇷

Coming into the weekend like...... 🤣#SpinningKick #Airborne #Adventure #FuckYea

#TBT 2015 # MexicanAmerican #adventure #Fuckyea

On top of the world! 🌎 Moving to Rio has been one of the hardest transitions for me ever. There were many difficult moments here, but I knew this was all necessary as part of my growth so i accepted it all and continued to do my best. I can say that all the challenges were worth it! I feel much stronger and confident with myself and I absolutely love where I live. In a few months I’ll be able to explore more of Brazil: the caves, waterfalls, jungles, and communities. I’m so excited and I’m working hard everyday to make this happen! Time to save, make some investments and then continue the adventure! Work hard play harder! #travel #fuckyea #adventure #Rio

Have fun, smile, laugh, be silly 😜 Life is short! 🏝

Rio.... so beautiful.. It’s interesting to be living here; I carry a positive outlook everywhere I go but here it’s as if the people want me to carry their same fear and pessimism. Im often asked why I’m living here and I’m told (again) of the violence, corruption and danger. Even after I let them know I’m aware of this, they continue. Isn’t there something else to talk about? Something else you can tell me about your country? I understand a warning... Colombia can also be ‘dangerous’ yet my experience and conversation with the people there was VERY different. Have you all experienced this? What do you think?

When you can be silly, everything becomes easier. New video up on YouTube! Check out my stories for the link 🌴🌺🏝🦋 #rio #brasil

Puppies!!! So cuteeeee 🐶 There are so many dogs that need homes! So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog or a cat, consider adopting! 🐶♥️#PuppyPower #Adopt

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