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🤙🏼 why so serious? 😆

🐻 The past few days have been a wave of emotions. I’m back in Rio and it’s a very different ‘situation’ than when I was here before. I feel so relieved to be here and all the legal processes resolved, I feel excited to be starting my Portuguese classes, I feel blessed to have my amazing friends here.... when i was here before, my life revolved around my relationship (my ex) and that is no longer the case. Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by old memories of what was and of course it touches my spirit, of course it hurts sometimes, but I have to remember that everything that is and was is a blessing. So I continue with my head up, with gratitude at the forefront of my thoughts, and the welcoming of new experiences. Again, I share my life with you all because I don’t want to give the false impression that my life is perfect. I am also on a journey, with all of you. ♥️

Commit to anything and it will be successful. This applies to relationships, projects, school, your body.... choose where your energy is going, how you spend your time, what is important to you. Love you guys! ♥️ #fitness #lifestyle #wellness #health #nature #guy #speedo #sunga

Hey guys, If you want me to post more street style pics, give a 👍🏼 below!. Changing my feed a bit and I want to know what you all think!

Lets do this!

A big sigh of relief. All the obstacles that stood in my way have been overcome, my family and friends have been with me every step of the way, and you guys on instagram have been cheering for me with so much love. I feel so blessed and loved. Thank you all for being part of my journey and letting me into your lives. Tonight I leave to Brazil, my home for the next 6 months. I’m so excited! ✈️ 🇧🇷 💙

GENTIIII!!!! 🇧🇷 My visa was approved!!! I am going to Brazil! ✈️ Thanks to some amazing people helping me, the process was expedited. I am sooo happy! 🇧🇷♥️🇧🇷 Gente!!! Meu visa foi aprovado e já já chego no Brasil! To muito feliz e grato 😆😊🙌🏼💯

I love the new Cuban inspired collection from @cubavera , especially this traditional Guayabera linen shirt. When I wore it for the first time in front of my mother, she gave a reminiscent smile and told me that my Mexican grandfather used to wear Guayabera shirts as well. Even though I never had the chance to meet him, it made me feel good to know that I’m wearing the same style of shirts that he used to wear as well. Shirt, shorts, and hat all from @cubavera #Latino #Cubavera #Guayabera #Linen #Ad

Mexican Blood, California born, North Carolina raised, Brazil bound. Vamos genteeeee 🏝 #Latino

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” -Melody Beattie

I am grateful to be happy and healthy, to have a loving family, for having awesome friends who inspire me to be better and I’m grateful for all the opportunities that are unfolding in front of me. 📸 @yoshigingeryoga

<<Be your own boss, love yourself, and get up and dance » When #Ciara says Level Up.... That’s what we did. #LevelUp #California #Dreamin #BoysWillBeBoys #AmericanTour

Home sweet home. 🇺🇸 As much as I love travelling and getting out of the USA, it always feels so good to come back to my country. When I come back to The States I always appreciate the order here: how the processes work, there are systems in place, there are checks and balances throughout the government and from consumer to producer. Although I dearly miss the tropical fruits in South America, There’s just always a good feeling about coming home! You know what I mean?! -
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