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Sharing a thought from my personal page [@theshaulisfamily] this morning.

Baby steps. It may seem like a little thing, but today I dropped my husband off at work and drove home, and later back to church again. By myself.
That may seem small to most people, but I had a panic attack while driving about a year ago. I now hate driving by myself. But I'm not letting my fear control me! I just turned up Christian radio and sang along.
So today was profitable. Kids played outside, napped, and I was able to clean the kitchen and make some granola.
I always chuckle/groan inwardly when I hear people say Christians shouldn't struggle with things like panic attacks/anxiety. Christians live in a fallen world too, where post partum hormones and stress are a real thing that affect our bodies. So many of us do struggle.
But that's the beauty. We fight. We pray. We cast our fears/worries on God. It might not be a cure all but it does help. And we don't let our fear control us.
A year ago I had no idea what people who live with this go through. In fact, I thought it was mostly drama. I'm so thankful for the godly people in my life who have encouraged me and shared their own stories of struggling and overcoming things like this. Or having a thorn in their flesh that always makes them dependent on God.
Bottom line: If you struggle, don't fight it alone! Talk to people about it. It helps so much when we bear one another's burdens.
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This is certainly not how I wanted to feature my sweet life-long friend Laura.
She is a Mom to 4, a wife of 10 years, a PPD advocate, and most of all, a Christian.
Two days ago she lost her precious baby Aiyla to SIDS.
Her life right now is every Mom's worst nightmare.
Please pray for her. Her whole family is hurting, and prayer and financial support are really the only things we Christian mamas can do to help.
I've put a fundraiser link in my bio in case any of you feel led to support her family in this way. ❤

Hello! I'm an L&D nurse (former Navy nurse), author, & I love travel & coffee.
We lived in Italy for 3 years where I learned so much about other cultures & gained some close friends! I've always been very independent by nature, but God started showing me in Italy the importance of having close girlfriends & actively working on friendships.
When we moved to the PNW I totally struggled with having a bad nursing job, missing out on kid stuff, missing my friends and overall discontent!
I was so joyless & it was overflowing into my mom life. Over the past year God has showed me how to grow relationships, to be joyful even when I feel like my dreams are disappearing, & to be content. Those things are so hard for moms!
Now I've gained close friends that are aunts to my girls! God was using me even when I didn't see it. We are also moving to Hawaii, which is a dream come true!
God taught me valuable lessons in the PNW that I hope to teach my girls!
You can follow her @joy_finley_travels to keep in touch.
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I want to say that God is teaching me a lot of lessons at this stage of my life. Motherhood has not been kind, especially in those first few months when you're supposed to be in awe of the tiny human who came into your life.
I think I'm traveling this road because God wants to teach me a few things, though.
The big lessons I've learned and am still learning are to let God provide and to rest in Him. Those work together because our family has been greatly humbled by how family and friends have come together to help us. Through health scares, a car wreck, and my ongoing mental health problems, God has put people and programs in our path to provide for us. It's hard to look forward and not know where money for bills will come from or when doctors will be happy with my baby's growth, but if I rest in Him, I can release some of my anxiety. He's always provided for us before, and He'll remain our Provider even now.
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I'm Christie. I've been married to my artist husband for 5 years and we have two beautiful littles age 3, and 8 months.
My mother was a prayer warrior. I remember waking up and coming out into the dining room for breakfast and most mornings she was there praying or with her bible. That was my mama.
My father was in law enforcement. He grew up Christian but he had some temptations that pulled him away from the Lord. He left us when I was 8. It confused me. Life wasn't supposed to happen that way. After that we saw him every other weekend until he choose to join the MP. I was 18 when I got word that he had been murdered overseas.
I remember the day of the funeral...staring out in the distance and seeing these beautiful black cows just standing there staring. I wanted to laugh...but I couldn't. I missed him...I needed him. Why did he choose to go over there?
I carried so much anger and questions with me for years. I always had relationship issues because I was either too clingy or I wasn't there enough emotionally. Thinking I would never feel alive again, I started looking for love in the wrong places. I was addicted to the feeling of being loved so I went for bad boys that used me and usually ended up cheating or getting tired of me. It wasn't love. I knew that. But I felt unworthy of love.
I finally one day decided to dust off my bible and open it up. I read in Isaiah and felt hope, and love, and I found faith again. I then turned to psalms. I wept for hours and read until I couldn't read anymore.
I realized I was whole through Christ. I was looking in all the wrong places for acceptance. Once I realized that, I prayed for a man who loved Jesus. He brought me Denny.
I've often felt unworthy of this blessing of a life after the things I've done, but HE saw inside me and picked me to marry my husband and be a mother to our kids. And I gladly and wholeheartedly choose my Savior everyday of forever. No matter my flaws, my past heartaches, my past mistakes, I can still glorify Jesus through what he's given me.
You can follow Christie at @christiebentley
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Hi, I'm Becky. I have three sons and one daughter. I have homeschooled for 8 years and we are on our summer vacation now enjoying the beautiful days.
My husband and I are two kids learning how to parent and growing up ourselves. I am so thankful for Gods grace because as a mom, I need it every day. Both to give and receive.
What is homeschooling like? Well, for starters, I don't homeschool because I'm the most patient mom. I do it because I was called and obeying that calling and knowing God is faithful to equip us everyday to learn and grow together makes it possible. I love learning along with my kids and sharing their "a-ha" moments with them.
I am a passionate gardener. I feel closest to God in the garden and love the truths He lays upon my heart there. I love that He who has begun a good work in us is faithful to complete it. What a beautiful thought to meditate on.

My instagram is @thegardnermama and I'd love to have you follow along and connect with you more!
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Hey! Hallo from Germany!

My name is Karina. I've been married to Tim for 5 1/2 years and I am 23! We have 2 kiddos; Thea (2) and Caedmon (6 months). I was saved when I was 18. It was December 2011 and it was while talking to my future Mother In Law. God used her to show me that Christianity is so much more than what appears on the surface; which, is why I hadn't gotten saved before. I just didn't get it back then, or really hadn't take the time to. I've since realized Christianity is having a personal relationship with God, and believing the gospel. This looks different for everyone; but, we should all strive to be more Christ like. To bear fruits of the spirit. To make our lives centered upon Christ.
I was saved in 2011, but I really began strengthening my relationship with Christ last May. I was baptized and we began attending Sunday school and hearing the pastor preach whenever the doors were open.

I took a discipleship program and joined a ladies bible study. Filling my life with the Lord was the biggest blessing I could've done. Last August I decided to pretty much only listen to Christian music (which, seems like a small change, but I can't believe how much of a light that has been)! This foundation in the Lord has been a tremendous blessing as we moved from El Paso, Tx to Germany!

We are fairly positive we found a home church, which has a lot of opportunities to become involved in different ministries! I am coordinating a Women's bible study in my community and I began that adventure a few weeks ago! "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." Psalm 33:8
You can follow Karina's page @lightandarmour to keep up with her adventures in Germany. 🇩🇪 ______________
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Hi everyone! I'm Liz - wife to Steve, mom to Judah (10 weeks) and Olivia (almost 2). I'm a photographer out of Milwaukee. My husband and I lead a Small Group for our church that we just adore! I have a heart for other mommas and young single women - being that I am 25 I seem to have a pretty good balance if both in my life. My goal is to be an advocate and an encourager to all that I meet.

I came to know Jesus at a very young age, and He has taught me a lot since then. I am blessed to have 2 miracles in my family - my mom is a 2x leukemia survivor and my sister suffered a TBI last January from a car accident. Both instances taught me a lot. In both situations He provided me this unexplainable peace and strength. Both my mom and my sister beat the odds and the diagnosis' - the doctors are so impressed with how amazing they are doing.

God showed us the power of prayer and just how incredible He really is - He alone is the Ultimate Physician. If you want to know more about my sisters story, you can look it up on Facebook, her page is "Pray For Kaitlyn". Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, God sees you and He is with you.

My favorite reminders of this are found in Psalm 139 and Joshua 1:9. What wonderful truths we can cling to!! Please feel free to DM me if you'd like to hear more or just have someone to share in your struggles. I would love to hear from you and pray with you!
Liz is an encourager. If you need more of that in your IG feed, make sure to follow her @lilbitphoto.
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Hey there! My name is LaShona Tyree. I am a Christ follower. I've been married to my college sweetheart, Jason, for 11 years. I am a busy mama bee to 4 kiddos ages 9, 7, 6, and our rainbow baby who's 2. I also have a sweet Angel baby in heaven. ❤️ I am a SAHM, I homeschool my toddler, I'm an Independent abstract Artist & Ceramist, a blogger, I have a solo mime ministry, I'm a health & fitness coach, a motivational speaker, a leader of a 'moms with young kids' connect group at my church & a volunteer preschool teacher at my church. Whew! Lol! My purpose in life is to simply inspire others.

God teaches me something new daily, but the main thing He reminds me of is that He CANNOT fail! He is who He says He is. He is my provider. He is peace. He is love. He is joy. He is a healer. He is all powerful! What He says is final and no man on earth can change that!
God uses my story of living on government assistance & living in a nice two bedroom apartment with a family of 5, to now owning my own home in a beautiful neighborhood & having enough money to not only support my family, but to save!
He took my son's story of being diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease type 9 {a liver disease} at the age of 3 & showed me that it doesn't matter what doctors say, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask for or think! He gave me strength during every doctor's visit. He reminded me of His promises, which increased my faith. And in 2013, God completely healed my son! There is no trace of the disease!
God took my story of losing my baby and walked me through the doors of peace.
And He took my story of having a severe case of postpartum depression & used it to help other mothers be more aware & to know there is hope. 💕 “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭16:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬
You can follow LaShona and her story at @reina_shona.
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"As a homeschooling mother of 5, life can get crazy. It can (and does) for all mamas. And there are some seasons of life where I just feel like I'm slacking. My roles as wife and mom have been compromised because I took too much on in life and my husband and children are the ones who suffer. (Not to mention my own sanity.) So, God has been teaching me to say "no." He has been showing me to pick my projects and pursuits very carefully, with His wisdom and guidance. He has been revealing to me to choose what I will pursue in life. And give all that I am to what I choose. My priorities should match up with what I am investing in. What I'm doing in my day to day should reflect what I value in life.

It's been a good journey, learning how to say "no". Not always the easiest because I want to make everyone else happy. But this is my one chance to live on this earth, and I want to make TODAY matter."
------------------------------------- Thank you so much for this reminder Meghan! I know I struggle with this. Living to please an audience of One should be our ultimate goal.
You guys will love following @meghanjoytoday and hearing more bits of encouragement like this one.
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Hiiiiii! I’m Marta. I’ve been a wife to Florin for two years and mama to Felix Eli, 6 months (and counting). I’m your average stay at home mom turned lifestyle blogger that’s running on coffee and cuddles — and the Lord’s Word. Before I had my son, I was very involved in my churches extra curricular activities.....Choir member, Awana and Preschool Sunday school teacher, as well as an avid seminar attender. I was so busy “working” for the Lord that I often “forgot” to talk to Him and meditate on His Word.
The Good Lord had to give me a baby in order for me to slow down.
I now find myself at home, taking care of my sweet baby and I’m realizing how important it is to talk to the Lord and have your thoughts consistently dwell on His word and promises.

He really is teaching me the importance of prayer and the commitment needed to pursue a relationship with Him because prayer and meditation is literally a lifeline! There is no greater peace than the one found in his presence.
I'd love to get to know you. Follow me @martalarissa_ and we'll chat.
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