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Christian Mauerer | Loverope  CEO @loverope.bracelet | 🙏🏼 - I help people spread Love on a bracelet ❤👇🏼Get your Bracelet now

What a blast we had at @disclosurefest - thank you for uniting the spiritual commUNITY in Los Angeles - finally feel like I‘ve found my tribe here - yay!

👩🏻‍💻 Friendly little reminder to focus a little less on everything else and more on yourself. ✨
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Time to get these beauties photographed & put them on the website.

100% Handmade
Made of Sandalwood, Silver & Titanium
Made with 200% Love
Fully Customizable with your quote & color

You can read more about our philosophy here:

Wanna order them?
Write me a DM

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27 years in the making.

27 years of reiterating and leveling up in this game called life.

So many choices.
What to be?
Where to go?
Who to please, or not?

Where is life going - what’s the true purpose of life - is there a purpose of life?

Can we know for sure?
I’ve seen many corners of this world 🌎
None have been as vast and explorative as my mind.
The sheer unlimitedness we all carry is beyond words.

Anything is possible and you get to be whatever you like.
In a world where we can be anything we want, be at least kind :)
Meditation also helps ;) At this point I’d also like to shoutout to my incredible partner in shine - @revmariafelipe
With her I am able to transcend so many fears and reclaim new parts of myself and the expand my consciousness in ways that are unprecedented. Thank you my Love.

We all want to live as one human family but distorted ego values like anger, resentment & greed have been holding us back for centuries if not 1000s of years.

My wish for my birthday is to practice more peace within because this way I will experience more peace on the outside / in daily life.
If you feel guided, do the same ;) I’m always here to serve & help anyone I can - if you feel there is anything we can help each other out, let me know.

If life is a game, aren’t we on the same team?! May the light be with you
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It’s happening tomorrow! 🙈🤪

San Diegoooo - yay!
Where it all began

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Lunch - Yum!

That’s pretty much it.

Just Give a S***! Yeeeha - time to get back into my power of living a life of joy and choosing NOT to be a victim but a deliberate creator of life.

What an incredible day I’ve had filled with manifestations and excitement about being on this planet and sharing my joy and success with people.

Measure your success in the joy you’re having and spreading.


ALL stressful situations in life can be solved with a simple breath.

I’ve seen myself fall so often for sophisticated how-to’s and strategies to resolve my life’s seeming problems, yet the answer is so simple - almost too simple:

We underestimate the significance and power that lies behind a simple breath.

It connects you immediately with the present moment and the “Now”.
All wisdom in your heart can be accessed that way.

Yet for no apparent reason we fail to tune into our divine wisdom and higher self.

Why is that?
Not sure, but the ego mind (thoughts of your little self) seem to cloud your awareness and prevent you from absolving you from the grip of the never ceasing stream of thoughts.

All of the top executives and billionaires of the world meditate for a reason.

It puts you in the right part of your mind showing you the right decision to be made at any moment.


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Good times.

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