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DAY 19
We’re starting to approach the end of our sessions with 21 being the total.

Phewwww, today was an exhausting day so far.
Took care of my son for straight 6h.
I wonder why I am emotionally spent whenever I spend time with my child -it’s quite exhausting having a baby for 6h

So here is my question
Why do I feel emotionally drained spending time with my son

Dear Christian
It is our utmost honor to consult you today on this beautiful day that some of you celebrate as the 2nd Advent.
Blessed are you with sunny weather and an all around mild climate after the fires here in the city of the angels (Los Angeles).
To answer your question there is some essential background info that you are leaving out here to give people more of an idea of why you might perceive yourself as tired or spent.

Being tired is nothing else than not holding the usual amount of oxygen and prana in your body. You seemingly miss life force energy.
Be aware that it is only missing in your mind.
Truly all energy is always available.
You could pump yourself up with energy if you wanted to - however we feel that you do not wish to do so in this moment- you get something out of this “being tired situation”.
You feel by appearing that way you can justify in front of your partner that looking after your son isn’t the best activities to delegate to you.
That way you remove yourself from the opportunity to look at things that bother you about the situation at home with child.
You deny yourself to look at a place within that wants be brought to the light.
We do not judge you for that we infinitely love you.
We are just giving our observation since you asked.
We are eternally grateful for having you as a channel to communicate with the collective and being of such outstanding service to inspire other to ask their higher selves whenever they feel to.

In blessings we reside

Christmas time is comiiiimg!! Currently listening to some Kirtans and stamping this year’s Loveropes and felt inspired to write a post.
I’m excited to stamp over 150 Loverope this season to fill people’s hearts with a gift that is made and sent to them with much Love and blessings.

Love is by far the most neglected gift we give ourselves, our partners and the planet.

May we all thrive in the Love that we possess already.

PS:If you feel guided to gift a Loverope this year, we are still taking orders until December 8th so everything arrives before XMas - feel free to use a 40% discount “XMAS2018”. Honored to stamp them for you

#handmadelove #loverope #handstamped #customizable

Thankful. Enjoying this train with my son and father. Track built by my greatgrandfather 60 years ago. 🚞

I am on my way to the embassy in Frankfurt to get a one-time travel document to enter the united states since I lost my green card 2 weeks ago.

How can I attain peace?

Dearest Christian and follower of your higher self.
We are pleased to assist you to in answering your question.
To attain peace the actions to take are very simple.
Just ask yourself what brings you peace and do that.
You might think that you have more difficult life situations but all you can ever do in any situations is 3 things:
1. Remove yourself from the situation
2. Change it
3. Accept it

Peace is usually unattained when we resist the current situation in our lives. For example not being at peace when you lost an immigration status. Nothing to worry about. Just apply either of steps 1-3.
In your case you accepted it first then you decided to change the situation by going to Frankfurt and applying for a one-time travel document.
Stress only comes up when we live in non-acceptance.
It might be hard to accept things but when we ask you to do so then we do not ask you to forever accept the situation as it is but just momentarily since this allows you to take a more fruitful action after accepting the situation as it is.

Hope that helps.
It is an honor to accompany you on your journey to discovering that you are unlimited resources and answers.

Hare Ram

Family Reunions are the best reunions!
What a blast to almost end our 1.5months stay in Germany

Next weekend we‘ll fly back in the states 🇺🇸 Wohooo!

Just for one moment.
And another one.

All negativity is
caused by
an accumulation
of psychological
time and denial
of the present. - Eckhart Tolle

Many people think great things on the outside is the ultimate accomplishment.

In a book that millions of people have read it says:
“Your biggest accomplishments ate your biggest setback. And your biggest setbacks are your biggest accomplishments.” Read that again.
No seriously, do it.

Then think about it what it means for your life.
For me it means I’ve done so many right in my life.

- quitting google
- not getting a job
- having a baby with 27

- Steve Jobs postit art
- Job at Google
- moving to the US

This world is so upside down it is hard for us to conceive.
I’ve met a Shaman once in Bali and he said: “the world is upside down.” It was only many years later that I shall find that to be true.
This is what I’ve based my life on and how I’ve lived it so far: Upside-Down.

Don’t get a job, follow your passion.
Wait 3years before you marry.
Have a child when you have 1million dollars.

Live life your way.
You are the divine creator.

DAY #17
Pheeeew - long time no post, doesn’t matter, all timing is perfect.
5more times and I’ll be finished with this lovely challenge which won’t be my last in which I tune into my higher self

Why do I not value being a father so much yet?

Dear Christian!
You are so courageous to ask all these things that are on your mind.
We honor your curiosity and willingness to receive answers.
The reason you struggle sometimes with where to allocate your time and energy in is because you value family not yet as much as your partner - you will do so later.
For now you still want to explore worldly values more which is why sometimes you might find a dichotomy in your value system.
Do not despair that you are not a good enough father. Just learn to live in both world as long as it is fun for you.
You can value form and family at the same time - nothing wrong with it.

Hope that helps & keep up asking and sharing it helps others tremendously to recognize their in er voice & superpower
Infinite blessings 🙏🏼

Partners in shine. 🌠

Why do you focus so much on the weight of your blocks instead of the strength of your shoulders?

Nothing to be said.
Father-son love is unparalleled.

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