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Christian Kozowyk  No one knew what pissed the birds off, but clearly they were upset.


Long waits in between sets can set you straight.

This day was so funzzzz!!!!!!! i forgot about two calls i had that day. I was so fully immersed in this clandestine trim experiment with the @swallowtailsociety
I had just got a waterproof phone camera and wanted to mess with it so i brought it along and shot some clips and tried not to drop it. When i realized in a panic i forgot about everything on land per usual and had nothing in my mind but racing back and forth on wave treadmill, chasing that #trimlife i remembered i had my stupid phone in my hand! I could prolly stay out for another hour easy if i called everyone and apologized and claimed no service. As i sat there, dodging the glassy sets that were rolling under me, while my mouth was making some amazing technology fail stories up, an article in a old 80s surf rag about Car phones being all the rage at that time came to mind. Cell phones were the devil, and our lives would soon be doomed with people taking calls from the line up. I puked a little in my mouth a little as i hung up my phone and a drone flew over my head and realized I was living in the future.

I am grateful to have Luke Skywalker as my surf buddy.

All elevators should be made of gold with tungsten lighting.

Supermoon. Super crowded.

Life is cool when you got someone to do it with.

Helping suburbia along. Slayed this tree 🌲, put it in our house. Then burned its friends in our chiminea.

Off into the #great with #splitboards
#pow season upon us.

Some quick cuts from the woods.
Being here in the #pnw makes me want to wrap my arms around that smell and never let go. @vuarnetsunglasses thanks for the ✈️ tickets.

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