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Made this blended picture a few years ago. We salute you #DrKing as we continue to celebrate your legacy and fight the good fight. All while living in a country that was proven to be guilty of conspiring to have you murdered… A country who's government is currently shut down because of a bigot's temper tantrum about a wall. We continue to oppose bigotry and hate. We continue to search for a real leader for this country. #MLK ✊🏾💯#BlackLivesMatter - Rest well Frat 🤙🏾 #06

Hmmm thanks?? 🤔 lol... definitely a backhanded compliment… "Low-budget" or independent films usually made for between 150k-500k, employ hundreds of people of color, actors, writers, producers, wardrobe personnel, barbers, make up artists, sound guys, crew members and more.... and they allow all of those people to make good money while living their dream. If people only knew how hard it is to scrape together half a million dollars to shoot a quality "low budget" movie… 🤷🏽‍♂️

This put a huge smile on my face! 😊Thank you @armiahuniqueworld for playing the drums with my song #ImAlright - I'm honored that you like the song, and I'm hopeful for the future, knowing that there are amazing people out there like you to help inspire and motivate us all✊🏾💯thanks again to your mom and to @remixgodsuede

"Being grateful brings even more experiences into our life to be grateful for..." 💯 - Sometimes I look around and I still can't believe that this is my life. And it's still getting better... #Blessed 🙌🏾😊 - 📸pic by @madworksphoto

#TonyToniTone lied!!! 🗣 #ItRains in Southern California... 😂 - it's been raining for about a week now… I'm tired of this. I wanna see the sun👀

Never... 💪🏾💪🏾 #rp @jetg5

Absolutely…! It feels great to know that God knows my voice… I talk his ears off, In the good times and in the bad times, whether I'm winning or Learning… but you have a point here @bishopjakes ! Are we after what we want from God, or what God wants from us, and wants FOR US...? The reason that, despite gossip, or blog posts, that HE keeps blessing me in an absurd way, is because I am always after His HEART, and because he knows My heart. Regardless of how flawed I am. When God is proud of you, he will continue to bless you… Other people may not understand, that doesn't matter…🤷🏽‍♂️ 98% of y'all will feel this… The other 2% don't matter 💯... because that other 2% don't even like yourself…

States should pay the teachers what they're worth, invest in the schools and in the students. Every year California spends roughly 7 times as much on each prisoner, as they invest in each student… That's a damn shame... #LATeachersStrike ✊🏾

Big facts💯😂- The sole purpose of that first slice, is to sacrifice itself and keep the other slices fresh, until it is called upon to join forces with that last slice and create a desperate and dry lil sandwich.. ✊🏾#rp

Congrats to my fam Debra Hubbard, owner, creator and CEO of @blackdontcrack on the release of her book #Unbreakable
Unbreakable - Redefining Resilience by Debra Hubbard is available for pre-order. Adversity is Overcome by resiliency. Visit us at #blackdontcrack #preorder #newauthor #resilience #newyorktimesbestsellerslist #proud ✊🏾

Brand new episode of #TheFamilyBusinessBET tomorrow night (Tue Jan 15th), at 9/8c on @bet. #CarlWeber @tridestined @familybusinessbet

#SecureTheBag - The bad part is that some people are going to miss the meaning completely… Because everything today is about money and the appearance of wealth, instead of actual wealth.

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