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Christian Guzman  I love my family, friends, pups, girlfriend, businesses, traveling, and making YouTube videos.


Find something you love. Once you find “that thing”, do it everyday. Each day you’ll get a little bit better at your craft.. and if you stay focused, one day you’ll look back and wonder how the hell you ended up where you are now. I’ve been raised within the same ten mile radius my entire life. My parents house, my house, and my gym are all within 10 minutes of each other lol. Years ago, I would actually drive by this building (that’s now the Alphalete gym) every single day on my way to school. Back then, I knew my passion was fitness.. I was extremely lucky to find my “thing” early in life.. I wanted to become a personal trainer, build my client base, save money, and eventually in 5-10 years open up a small training studio. It’s crazy how much life can deviate from your “plan”. Don’t be scared to take a chance.. and always remember, you’ll never know how things will end up if you never try. Thanks for the sick photo @mattjkomo

I got guzbumps because I’m about to go to Travis Scott’s concert 😂. If y’all want to step up your watch game, check out @mvmt. Their watches are durable, minimally designed, and under $150. Use my new discount code “CGUZMAN” to save some money. #mvmt #ad #proudtostandbehindthem #backtotravisscott #hegrewupnexttome #doingbigthings #guzbumps #travisscott @mattjkomo with the sick photo 📸

Yes, I’m working out in my slippers today because I forgot to bring shoes. #cantstopme #warmfeet

My Sunday consisted of a long walk with Nalla, an açaí bowl, leg workout, photo shoot in the rain, receiving the biggest edible arrangement I’ve ever seen (today is our official one year from when I asked @buffbunny to be my girl), Italian food, and now I’m about to finish the day with some Netflix (watching Bloodline right now). Pretty sick Sunday if you ask me.

Coincidence. @shawleycoker

Filming a Q&A within the next hour!! Comment any questions you guys have for me 💪🏽#keepthemfun

There’s no place like home 🏠

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I’m still mind blow every time I look outside. I feel like I’m on another planet lol. Also, North Pole is currently getting about 4 hours of sunlight right now.. I’m going a little crazy being in the dark for so long lol. If you want to snag anything from @alphalete, our sale ends in about 8 hours. Link in bio.

Santa wondering why there’s a Mexican in Alaska 😂❄️

We are LIVE!!! Stock is limited. Link in bio. #alphalete #blackfriday

I️ can hear my mom yelling at me to put a jacket on all the way here in Alaska 😂 ❄️#myfirsttimebelowzero #hadtofeelit #canconfirmithurts #likereallyhurts #winterwonderland ##cantbelieveshegrewuphere

Right now your entire Instagram/Facebook feeds are probably flooding with Black Friday ads. I figured I’d talk a bit about my thoughts on it and what we’re doing with @alphalete. I myself have never really been a Black Friday shopper.. If I had to dissect the reason why, I’d say it’s because I correlate Black Friday to chaos. I usually have the “nah I’m good, I’ll wait” mentality when I think of craziness. Kinda like not waking up at 2am to order the new iPhone, yet wanting and still ordering one later. Last year, Alphalete didn’t have a Black Friday sale.. and let me tell you.. the company (and I) got chewed out lol. Videos were getting attacked with dislikes and customers were genuinely disappointed. I felt so bad that I randomly put a 30% off discount for about three hours. I wanted to make our one sale per year be our birthday sale (February). I wanted our “big day” to be a day on its own versus a saturated day where it feels like every brand is trying to convince you to make a purchase. It felt more organic at the time. After realizing almost 75% of people look forward to and actually plan on Black Friday being their big purchase day, I understood why people were upset at us last year. This year we are scrapping our birthday sale and doing Black Friday.. and we’re doing it huge.. every single item on our store will be discounted. Our newest ranges will be anywhere from 20-40% off. Items that we have a decent amount of stock of will be between 50-70% off (we make literally no profit with these margins.. this to us is literally clearing warehouse space for incoming orders). We are also dropping our new women’s leggings (check my story to check them out). Seeing as they’re new to our site, these leggings are the only product that won’t be discounted this Friday. We go live Friday (November 24th) at 12am central. The last time we did a sale this big, our warehouse got wiped in under 45 minutes. Looking forward to giving Black Friday our first official go. #keepingitreal #blackfriday #worldwide

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