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Christian Guzman  I make YouTube videos about fitness, my friends/family, business ventures, travel, and more. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


We are live!!!! www.alphaleteathletics.com (link in bio)

Less than one hour until launch. Swipe left to see some products launching! #alphalete

Tomorrow 12pm central. @alphalete

About to drop the most 🔥🔥🔥mixtape of 2017 😂 @springstun @becca.kerr ------
Tomorrow at 12pm central @alphalete is dropping 7 new items:
1️⃣ Scoop necks
2️⃣ Cut-offs
3️⃣ Premium joggers
4️⃣ Premium jacket
5️⃣ Lifestyle hats
6️⃣ Women's Revival leggings
7️⃣ Women's Revival shorts

Well, today was EPIC. #alaska

Time to meet the fam & do some exploring. #alaska #thisisntsugarland #whereiskeepers

My next YouTube series begins June 30th.

You cannot calm the storm. You can only adjust your sails. *insert rant warning* Today I announced the winners of my free-entry contest, Summer Shredding. This contest was simple. Send in a "before" video, send an "after" video 90 days later, and have the chance to win a chunk of the $25,000 prize money that I'm personally putting up for grabs. Narrowing down the final submissions literally brought me to tears. Words can't describe the feeling of gratification this contest gave me.. I hope that everyone who participated in this competition (that had over 26,000 entries) knows that "win" or "lose", I'm damn proud of you.... It's sad to say, but I had a gut feeling before announcing the winners today that no matter how I approached the video, people would respond negatively. Because of this gut feeling, I decided against showing the transformations on YouTube. I couldn't stand the thought of letting the internet and my pre-anticipated toxic comment section take away from my winner's joy. I refuse to open up these hard-working participants to ridicule, comparisons, and negativity. Not every transformation was about being the most shredded or losing the most amount of weight off the scale. The winners were chosen based on personal growth and their journey. To be real with you guys, today saddened me.. WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, I want to remind you all that no amount of negative energy should EVER stop you. Together we have the power to bring eachother up instead of tearing eachother down. Together we have the power to change the "human nature" mentality that is sadly drawn towards tearing others down, leaving salty comments, or saying someone doesn't deserve something because you apparently deserve it more. If you competed in this competition, be happy for those who "won", but more importantly, be happy with yourself for changing your life for the better. This year I sparked over 26,000 people to take initiative and set a goal towards achieving a better physique. I'll never stop pursuing what I've committed my life to doing, which is offering value to others. Love you guys.

Saturday night + Vegas + EDC = the creation of some badass memories. #letsgo

A messy office means we're too busy doing other more importanter stuffz. Shooting our premium spacesuits today. They come in black, charcoal, light grey, and navy!! Launch is June 25th at 12pm central. ⭐️☄️👨🏽‍🚀🚀

And the winner for the ugliest guitar faces goes to....

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives. In school, I was always the shyest student in the classroom. It took me a very long time to warm up to people. My heart rate would jump when I'd get called on in class to speak. I was very to myself and honestly wanted to be home on the computer playing Runescape because back then, that's what I knew best. Finding fitness is what forced my confidence to grow. As I became more and more obsessed with working out, I studied everything I could about my hobby (reading articles, watching fitness/nutrition videos, watching motivational videos to get me in the right mindset, etc) and wanted to share my experiences with the world. Early 2012 is when I posted my first YouTube video. Fast forward 5.5 years and I'm in a position that I'll never take for granted. Take the jump.. even if it's a small one to get you started.. and don't look back. If the shyest kid in the room can turn into a YouTuber then there's nothing you can't do.

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