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I am real fortunate to have a son that his primary emotions are blank staring and laughter lol. But there are times where he will demand my attention. This was one of those times. So, I got creative, and thought I would teach my core some new engagement.
Here is a quick little core cycle that you can do as many rounds as you’d like until you burn out. Enjoy!

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The concept of Hedonic Adaptation is one of my favorites, simply because it creates the biggest opportunities for us to grow and create more experiences. (Hedonic Adaptation) - The observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

What a shame it is that we have reached this state of dissatisfaction and lack of gratitude that we have the ability to experience something magical and fascinating, and not too long afterwards, we assimilate it as a been there done that experience and are no longer fascinated by it. We are perpetually designed to be dissatisfied. So what can we do?

Show empathy and interest in someone else’s experiences! Travel and see the world, nationally and internationally. Challenge yourself physically and push yourself to new limits to see what the human body is really capable of. Learn to cook efficiently and expand your pallet. Dive deeper within the spiritual realm and experience greater expansion. Whatever it is you do, just do it. Create more. There is enough to go around.

What do you do to revitalize yourself with life?

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Not the prettiest. Not the cleanest. Not the coolest, but definitely not the easiest. These slower moving cartwheels really work into the side flexion/engagement of the obliques/side body by slowing down the movement and really feeling the core work. Try these out let me know what ya think!

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Why is connection is so important? Because we would die without it. We were not intended to go through this world alone. I made a new friend last night, @lisadaron , who goes across the country talking about “The Connection Cure”. The Connection Cure explains how we can literally heal our bodies from chemical imbalances through interaction with other humans, whether it is a stranger or a loved one. How beautiful is that?! Challenge: Talk to 3 random people today, and just chat, with no particular agenda. And see every interaction is an opportunity for healing, as Lisa likes to say :) Wearing @ohmmeapparel

I had the pleasure of teaching my arm balance/inversion workshop yesterday to such a wonderful group of practitioners out here in Montana, and every time I teach a workshop, I am humbled to see people so intently learning because they wish to grow and move forward.

When I first found yoga, I took a class every single day, I never missed a day. I was on my hands at least once a day. My inversion practice was consistent and efficient, which is a big reason why my practice is where it is today. But eventually, for some of us, that flame diminishes, and we have to stumble across something that re-ignites that passion.

This is an exercise I used early on to teach my transverse area how to engage when learning how to float. If you are looking to learn how to press handstand, or even just developing a silent float to the top of the mat, try this one out and see what ya think!

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Shooting this content made my eyes well up. In case you have not noticed, we dont have much content of all three of us together, so thank you @nicolewildcollective for snapping this ♥️ Fam bam @bodhiflorez @haileeyoga

I get asked about certain asanas all the time, and the secret on how to do them. The thing is, there is no secret, besides consistency and time. But, there are things you can do that make it that much easier.

Most of the time, our bodies simply do not understand how to engage the muscles required to perform such asanas.

Air baby, (one arm one legged crow lol) is one of the most evasive postures, but if we learn how to distribute our weight and properly shift our hips, it makes the pose a little more approachable. Try this exercise and see if it doesn’t change the way you look at an air baby... Wearing @ohmmeapparel

Okay, can we acknowledge how beautiful this scenery is?! Content creation, when on fire for it, stokes my inner artist. I get inspired and motivated to show my craft in new creative shapes and platforms.

Oh by the way, I am so fricken close to grabbing my foot, one day! Lol

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Want to work towards that handstand line and create core stability? Try this drill out. - Walk up the wall, chest to wall. •Tip of nose touches wall, push away
- Come to a pike, or L shape
- Walk back up the wall

Do 3-5 sets a day of max holds

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In order to connect, we must disconnect first... It is very easy for us to get caught up in a monotonous routine of repeatedly doing the same thing over and over. We settle for things we no longer even see as settling. We get caught up in the system of doing what we are told instead of questioning our present moment in order to create a spontaneous and beautiful future.
These past couple days I have spent in Montana have been breath taking. I forget how revitalizing travel can be. Im out here, disconnecting from my everyday life back in Cali, and just taking in the sights. The homie @nicolewildcollective has been showing @haileeyoga and I around all the beautiful spots in Bozeman and we have been creating absolutely beautiful content, and can not wait to show you guys everything we have been making. Stay tuned!

What do you guys do to disconnect from our oh so connected realities?

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I posted a Q&A on my story a couple weeks back, and unanimously people said they wanted me instructional/flow videos. So, it begins today.

I will be posting fun, creative, and beneficial snippets of flows that I personally have taught in my own classes.
If you love it, comment down below with a “🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼” As always, rockin @ohmmeapparel

I was a keynote speaker last night for @edgewellnessweek on my 5 year sobriety birthday, speaking about the importance of Yoga and mindfulness in our society that we currently live in, and what a blessing it was. Sharing my experience, strength, life wisdom and knowledge on the matter was something very true to my heart and was honored to have the privilege. If you have any experience on any subject, share it with someone because you never know how that can help someone else... Wearing @ohmmeapparel

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