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Christiana Means  Skate Rat 🐀 21 • Portland, OR

THIS FRIDAY! 6pm-9pm! Beaverton Skatepark!!! It’s going to be one hella of a night! TAG YOUR FRIENDS!
S/O @sandy_perazaa for making this sick flyer and @TuMe for sending us some drinks to stay hydrated.

Don’t sweat the technique 😎📹: @russ_3d

@sandy_perazaa @sk8goddess @ellamay4 and I want to put together a pdx girls skate session before the weather gets shitty.
Who’s down??? If you are in the Portland area, tag your lady skate friends!!! Help us decide when and where!!! If you would like to help support, email me (link in bio)!

Little three trick clip 🤷🏻‍♀️ @sydnaround with the filming skillz! You’re getting your line next time!!!

Burnside 🖤🌹 📹: @russ_3d

Highlights from my run at AGP! Thanks again for the opportunity to come out and skate @thinkempire @theboardr 🤘🏼

What an amazing experience! Thank you @thinkempire @theboardr truly grateful for this opportunity!🤘🏼Congrats @nnieguglia and @breezeana and S/O to all the ladies that killed it too! Montreal rules!

Some fun clips from the Philippines. Took my mom and step dad to watch me skate for a little, they’re the best cheerleaders but I think my mom has a heart attack every time she sees me fall. @cristinafoley @phkit_industries 📹: @russ_3d

I’ve been out of the country for 2 months now. Can’t wait to be back with the homies in Portland on Friday. @khmedia let’s film! #checkmesb #getmetoagp

Gotta have quick feet for this spot. Not as easy as it looks! This clip was about an hour before I split open my head 😅 📹: @nicolasdelvalle_ Thanks for being a real homie; filming clips and calling Uber’s to the hospital haha! #checkmesb #getmetoagp

Clips and B-roll from @manramp’s part “Toxic Planet” filmed by @tom_dull 🤘🏼Had a blast that day! Thanks again for the good time yo! #checkmesb #getmetoagp

Quick 2 piece DIY clip🤘🏼 📹: @nicolasdelvalle_ #bonesbearings #checkmesb #getmetoagp

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