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CHRISTI RAPER  Jon's Wifey & C👧🏼K👧🏼C👶🏼's Momma•Lake life⚓️•Cheer Momma 📣 •🅰️🐗ⒶⓁⓊⓜⓃⒾⓌⓅⓈ🏈•NLR is home•💙💛•⚡️Dogtow n

♥️♥️♥️OH MY GOSH!!!! His first word!! #momma😍 #timehope

love always wins♥️ C+K+C=my ♥️
Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹

This is what it looks like at the end of a cheer competition weekend! 💖

Walked down the red carpet on Friday night & tumbled down the blue mat on Saturday and Sunday♥️such a fun weekend with our cheer family!
So proud of all the iA teams this weekend!Royal walked away with first place and rings! Next stop is NCA♥️💙 in Dallas! T-minus 12 days! #infinitisisters💙 #teamroyal👑ia royal👑ia #teamaqua💙 #teamelectric⚡️💙ia

Kicking off this competition with a Jr. Prom tonight with our squads! #redcarpetready #infinitisisters💙 #teamroyal👑ia #teamaqua💙 #teamelectric⚡️💙ia

Here for a bad cough! 😢
It was all fine until they wanted to flush out his ears because the doctor couldn’t see his eardrums! Incase you were wondering how that went it took 3 nurses and me to hold him down! 😭🤦🏼‍♀️ #hesagrumpyoldtrollwholivesunderthebridge😂

Just a pic from this weekends cheer competition♥️The first thing out of Kinley’s mouth after she comes off the blue mat at every cheer competition, “Did you see my jumps momma?!” Yesssss, baby girl I see those jumps!! 😍
We need to work on pointing our toes but she said she can’t get them high and point her toes at the same time 😂ha!
#teamaqua💙 #teamelectric⚡️💙ia #infinitisisters💙

Spending the night with your bestie + Competition Eve = two very happy girls! #infinitisisters💙 #teamelectric⚡️💙ia #teamaqua💙 @emilyakearney

Kinley received the Kindness Award today at school♥️her teacher said, “Kinley, I love how you treat others with kindness and try to encourage others to be kind.
I love that you are always smiling and happy!” 🤗
Continue to be kind baby girl always!!!!! We are so very proud of you!!!! ♥️

This girl makes me so proud. She works so hard at everything she does. She inspires me daily... so full of life and joy! Straight A’s again this semester... Get It Girl!! ♥️

This Is How We Do It! #jeeplife #offroadin

Carson’s day was made today. He got to celebrate with his best buddy Owen and all the other big boys at Owen’s Nerf Guns birthday party! We love our Crawford family! @satishac ♥️♥️♥️

Infiniti killed it this weekend! 🙌🏼♥️
It’s not quite how we (Royal👑) wanted this weekend to go but you win some and lose some. . . You just have to get back up and push harder at the cheer gym tomorrow. But we did have lots of smiles and fun times with some of our favorites this weekend! ♥️ #teamroyal👑ia #infinitisisters💙 #iA

Ready for day 2 in St. Louis! #teamroyal👑ia #infinitisisters💙

Back at it!!!! LR competition in the books! The girls teams did awesome and we got to spend some time with family and lots of cousin lovin’ ♥️ #infinitisisters💙 #teamaqua💙 #teamroyal👑ia @ellaraperr @jessi_ford1115

This is how cheer parents do it...When the cheer gym loses power at practice and it’s right before a cheer competition, you line your cars up and shine your headlights into the gym.

Hair day for the girls! Catelin has been begging for highlights and I’ve always said no but I finally told her she could if she paid for it.
She saved all her birthday money and Christmas money. She was so excited to get a few highlights today. Kinley got a couple of rose gold highlights in the very front💕hair days just make a girl feel beautiful!! @morganhairlocker ✨We Love You!💖

When you have to take your 3 year old son into Victoria’s Secret with you🙄😂😬

When your husband surprises you with a place he created for you (a vanity/setup space) to do your makeup and hair😍which means he had to give up 1/2 of his side of the closet♥️you know you have a great one!!! Thank you so much @jon_raper 😘

We’ve done a lot of singing, dancing, makeup, flipping,and driving around. Christmas was a lot of fun and a little exhausting too 🤪A certain little boy started Christmas for us at 2:50 am this morning♥️🎄😴💤
Our hearts and bellies are full so now we sleep! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

1/3 of them is on the nice list 😏can you guess which one?!📜🖊💫♥️
It’s all fun and games until 🎅🏼is coming to town!! 😂

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