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Chris  Poet, mountain biker, musician, climber, environmentalist. Check out what I do in the real world @2041climateforce


This is a sonnet I wrote and it’s definitely a different style of spoken word for me. March 14th we will be walking out of classes. March 24th we will take to the streets in protest. The heat doesn’t come off until then and sure as hell isn’t going to go away after. This poem wasn’t my best reading, I got pretty emotional, and I also realize I never share poetry on here. I think I will start sprinkling in some of my relevant poems. #spokenword #slaywhatyousay #buttonpoetry #peoplepower #democrat #politics #nra #guncontrol #poetry #politics

Atlanta!!! Tomorrow night my man @verbwx is hosting a poetry slam. He’s an awesome guy and you know there is going to be a ton of talent. Come out and support!!! #poetry #atlanta #swys18 #swys #slampoetry

@politicalrevolution2020 😂😂 the thing is, why does Trump feel the need to lie about his hair? Pathological liars shouldn’t be in office, and I never thought that would be questioned. #politics #peoplepower #trumpshair #trump

1) While I am glad they are doing something, why not teach these old men that they need to respect women?
2) This sets a terrible example, it shows the rest of America that our leaders can not tell the difference between a normal interaction and harassment, so how can the rest of America be expected to?
3) Maybe we should just stop electing egotistic hyper masculine old white guys???? This is just childish, it’s like when two elementary school kids are fighting and teachers have to separate them, except one of the kids has the ability to get the other kid expelled. Absolutely pitiful, from both parties. #metoo #politics #congress #peoplepower #newdemocrat

Bit of a personal post here. I just wanted to say how important it is to have awesome people around you who are willing to do awesome things with you. This group of people made my summer in the wind river range way better than I possibly could have imagined because they always had a super positive attitude. I also would like to encourage all of you to get outside and do what you love because getting through tough times is so much easier when you have a passion to keep pushing you forward and a memory to always smile at. #windriverrange #backpacking #outdoors #wanderlust #summer #thruhiking #adventure

I found this online but I think it covers all the basics of why we need Harris 2020! #politics #harris2020
#democrat #peoplepower

The salt, the truth 😂 #politics #roymoore #republicant

Are we surprised?

Repost from @climatereporter the time to act on Climate Change is now and I hope all of you in Atlanta will join me in voting for @keishabottoms Atlanta's best shot at a sustainable future

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