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Christen Joi  UGA Alumna | Atlanta But Really Marietta | Food brings me joy

My sweet and 99.9% perfect Angel ❤️ and Cam 😂.

Nom nom cookie??

The littlest baby of MLK Circle gave our family the treat of a lifetime! After sending countless kids to college, they finally got them a Rattler. Super proud of you Kenny! Love, Your Nanny

Sun kissed 🌞 #AerieReal

If you don’t see a pretty body of water, is it really a vacation??

Mykonos. You are beautiful. And expensive af. #AExME

Athena, you’ve officially been added to my superwoman list.

Joggers and sweatshirt courtesy of a last minute trip to H&M because Brussels tried to play me today! #WhereWasThe78Degrees?!

Customs Agent: What brings you to Amsterdam?
Me: A flight deal...... #AExMe

My Twinny Twin Twin ❤️

Saturday’s in Atlanta with my honey bunny!