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Christen Joi  UGA Alumna | Atlanta But Really Marietta | Food brings me joy

It’s my twin’s birthday!! Happy Birthday to you old man! Still waiting for you to give me my face back so let’s set up some time to chat. I love you and can’t wait to see you again!

“Is this earth?!”- Ariana Deneen Jones Baskerville @adeneen
That statement sums up what we saw yesterday. I’m pretty sure our pilot was concerned because none of us talked the first 20 minutes of the ride. We were so in awe! Thank you Jake and @hamiltonislandair for the amazing tour!

6am hikes on Hamilton Island

Kobucha x Tamarama Beach with this cute human being!

4 miles of the most beautiful coastline that I have ever seen! Not sure what we humans did to deserve these oceans and beaches. P.S. Kudos to Andre for coming all the way around the world with two Baskerville women 😂

Day 2 at the Taronga Zoo! Koalas officially live the best lives, Emus have no regard for personal space, and Kangaroos have about 53 cousins.

When your momma says she wants to go to Australia, you take her to Australia!

Super grateful to have a job that challenges me to my core but is continuously fulfilling after the hard work is completed. I got SO many compliments on how “colorful” and diverse our presence was. We have a long way to go in diversity but damn are we doing some good stuff!

Brooklyn really felt like home today ❤️ #NaturalFacedGlowsCourtesyOfBeingBlack

Got into a little trouble on Saturday with some of my favorite people. Swipe for a surprise 😘

Mimosa Glow 🌟