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CHRISTEENE  alwaayz travelin. Alwaayz wurkin it 👊🏼🎈 booking: videos:

HAPPEE BURFDAAAY @johncameronmitchell u shit fired trailblaaaaazerrrrr tank u ferr buildin a house for soooo many wigg’d souls 🔥💖🐴

wuz trollin round Hudson street toilet huntin wit rough results til i walked intoo @mudhoneyhairsalon an yallllll da nicest fukkin peeps r there an they cut hair tooo an they lemme poop in therr pot. if y’all lookin to get ur hairs cut y’all gotta go here. Dey know everyyyyyyyyybody an they gay as uh football bat 🐩

i sat down wit WHIMSICALLY VOLATILE podcast and @videodromedisco an chatted tooooooo much an now yall gotta EAT IT UP XXX
Craig Macneil welcomes the fabulous and fragrant CHRISTEENE to talk releasing the balloons, Tickles Pickles, celebrating the butthole, crowdfunding, Vaginal Davis, resourcefulness, the buffet of life, the art of infiltration, classical harp inspiration, Vogue Fabrics, the sweet sounds of “Tequila Sunrise”, Roger Clinton at Farm Aid, Lucha VaVoom, guest list grievances, “3-2-1 Contact”, revisiting “The Road To Freedom”, chicken observation, “Murder She Wrote”, tattoos, trusting your gut, the films of Kristy McNichol, spaghetti salad, Tanya Tucker, “Mama’s Family”, celebrity superbugs, the Brown Light, and MORE!
Tank u @thedevengreen ferr tha family intro 🖤

utterly speechless. so devastating and fukking heartbreaking #notredame #paris

Tank yallllll ferr brangin da HEAT laz niiiiite 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍗🐿 tank u @bartschland ferr da fiiiine stank ride 🖤🖤🖤 #playnow #christeene #brooklyn #susannebartsch

PLAY NOW. TOOONITE. @3dollarbillbk BRANG ALL U GOT 🔥 @bartschland

I’m performing TOONITE. BRANG ALL U GOT X @bartschland

beyond wurdz at da kindness an generosity dat diz one brings tooo diz wurld. Tank u @kembrapfahler_ ferr lettin us do da garage sale in ur homo laz nite. I luv yeaux 🖤🖤🖤 ps mah potato face iz back again ✨

Weee solde out we closed xoxoxo TANK YALL SO MUUUUCH

GARAGE (F)ART SELL IS NOWWW 6-9 at 245 e 2nd st btwn b an c meee an @kembrapfahler_ 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

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