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Christa B. Allen  film & tv: Revenge/13 Going on 30 music: @pourvousmusic business inquiries: shop my recommendations on Amazon 👇

one of my forever favorite lip colors, @tataharperskincare lip & cheek stain in ‘very naughty’ ❤️

very proud of this girl for conquering her fear of heights and depths on our Hawaii trip; we summited a mountain where she army crawled to the edge at my urging for the photo op :) then we free dove in 250 ft deep open water. As for me? I made a step in the right direction toward living a less wasteful life by taking my own reusable bottle with me everywhere we went. I’ve since found a nicer one than the one pictured here which was a freebie in some gift bag at one point, I’ll now be using a beautiful insulated @kleankanteen for hot and cold drinks. I’m not perfect and will never claim to be, but I am eager to keep taking steps in the right direction and will share them as I do! ❤️ #sustainableliving #hawaiianstyle

oh! that gentleness! how far more potent is it than force! -brontë

Julia and I made a last minute decision to come to Hawaii to see the state of the coastlines, and we needed a place to stay. I’m so grateful to @hoteltonight for helping me find a chic little oasis in Waikiki! we booked literally in seconds and couldn’t have been more pleased with our hotel!! I’m not one for big resorts, so I loved the selection of adorable boutique hotels on the Hotel Tonight app. I have been a HT member since 2013, and they really are the key to making my spontaneous trips magical! #myhoteltonight

diving with sharks - no cage!! this was one of the best experiences of my life. these unbelievably majestic creatures get a bad rep, but honestly, they were so peaceful swimming alongside us. I don’t do zoos. I don’t do aquariums. I don’t do animals plucked from their natural habitat and held captive for my enjoyment. but this? this was incredible!! shoutout to @itsblitzzz for overcoming her fear of deep water like a boss this morning! ❤️🌿🦈 the sharks we saw were sandbar sharks, hammerheads and Galapagos.

tourist things. damn it feels good to be back in HI 🌎🌿 now... I’m off to dive with sharks ✨

always learning about ways to improve my personal impact on the environment. driving this beautiful baby in Hawaii has been my favorite lesson yet. no gas stations. EVER. zero emissions. ZERO. really reconsidering what I drive at home... @teslamotors

aspirational bikini vacation pic; but make it realistic. the reality is our oceans worldwide are choked with plastic and debris. much of it comes from the commercial fishing industry. but much of it comes from land. it’s not our fault directly, as EVERYTHING that is sold to us in stores is made of plastic or is packaged in plastic. but it is our responsibility to try to help. What can you do? Vote with your money. Make it clear to corporations that you don’t want plastic by not purchasing it. Don’t expect perfection right away, but implement one small step at a time. You’ve likely already started refusing plastic straws, or they may be illegal in your area (way to go Seattle!) here’s another idea: try bringing a reusable bottle with you everywhere you go! once you get into the habit it’s not that hard, and really reduces the amount of single use cups and bottles you use. 🌿

when I’ve posted about drinking celery juice, y’all have flooded my DMs with questions about it so I’m posting about it here to answer them all!

why I drink it:
🌿I find that it makes an amazing difference in the clarity, glow, and suppleness of my skin. 🌿I find that it makes me feel energetic and bright throughout the day, so long as the rest of my diet is pretty balanced and I’m not eating tacos and ice cream like my life depends on it 😬 🌿It’s alkalizing 🌿It’s good for tummy health
How I make it:

I don’t have a juicer so I just put 1 whole bunch of celery in my @vitamix, which is honestly one of my favorite tools in my kitchen. clean the celery first obviously, but then just chuck it in, ends and tops and all! If you’re having trouble blending, add a little water.

Then strain it though a cheesecloth.

That’s it!

If you’re absolutely dying over the taste, you can add apple juice but really... don’t do that. it’s just unnecessary sugar! :) @medicalmedium recommends drinking the juice from 1 bunch of celery every morning, as the first thing you put in your body every day.
I’m sometimes good about doing it, sometimes not, but I certainly feel a difference when I am!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

just one more because I’m not over it yet. this look was put together by the inimitable @joeytierney , with a dress by @giorgioarmani , clutch by @emmkuony, diamonds by @hsternofficial, and shoes by @ysl 🌿

I know many people say the creative arts emmys are not the “real” Emmys, but every actor worth their weight in salt knows that though they are the face of the thing, the thing is worthless without incredible writing. the thing doesn’t look good if the cinematography is subpar, if the editing doesn’t give it pace and momentum. the thing would fall apart without the leadership of a visionary director, the thing would be unwatchable if the sound wasn’t properly mixed. these jobs are all integral to the filmmaking process, and I loved watching as grown men cried in gratitude for recognition of the lifetime of work that brought them to that moment, as John Legend completed his EGOT (the youngest person and first black man ever to do so!), as the guys from Queer Eye worked the stage with humor and humility, and as Ru Paul’s larger than life benevolent energy absolutely FILLED the room!! also, Jim Carrey was there. I sure hope to meet him one day. ok. Back to reality. Happy Monday people, have a beautiful week! 💖

this is the golden age of television, and tonight was an incredible evening watching the creatives behind the scene be honored for their work. we all know the faces of the actors and actresses on our favorite shows, but the truth is it takes an army! With the bubbles of #ferraritrento keeping me afloat all evening, y’all know these award shows are long 😂🤩 #emmys @ferraritrento @televisionacad

Creative Arts Emmys 🌟 styled by ✨@joeytierney✨ in @giorgioarmani & @hsternofficial #creativeartsemmys

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