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Christa Baca  I travel the 🌎 serving humanity with my husband + 2 kids. Co-founded: gointernational.tv | submerge.tv | oneuio.com| dreamacademy.com | onetul.church


So. Life has thrown some unexpected curve balls our way these past few weeks. One of which was a shooting right behind our absolutely adorable rental house. So, we moved. Quickly, abruptly and as fast as we could. It's been a whirlwind the past few days. I'm glad to have it all behind us! We are now happily settled into a new place on the other side of the river where the kids are currently tucked into bed safe and sound. I never want to be a drama queen or make a fuss so sometimes I keep things quiet- but since all my pictures of home probably look different I thought I should give an explanation as to why. 💕

CREATION: LET THERE BE LIGHT || For this module I knew we had to infuse art into every lesson. This week the kids created these beautiful sun catchers with the text from Genesis 1 inscribed on them. I love teaching these beautiful humans and watching God move in their lives as the scriptures come alive in new ways.

When I was 14 I jumped on a plane and went to Thailand for the summer. That one experience changed my world forever. I knew from that moment on I had to dedicate my life to serving humanity. This Sunday my husband will be speaking on #globalactivism, one of the core values of our community #onetul if you are in the Tulsa area we invite you to join us this Sunday at 10am.

Been missing Ecuador lately a lot. This picture by @ellisadventurz pretty much sums it all up. If you've ever wanted to travel the world while learning then consider spending a semester overseas in our @submerge.tv program. Now enrolling for Spring 2018. || www.Submerge.tv for more

I think that any massive creative project is a lot like a relationship. You have to head into the project knowing that there will be challenges along the way- but it's worth it to push through those challenges till the end. Everything about the creative process helps you become a better person and if you can become a better person, you will become a better artist. The critiques, disagreements, synergy- it's all part of that creative endeavor. In the end you wind up with something that is beautiful and when you work with a team you always wind up with something that is better than you could have ever made yourself. || This was one of the page drafts that I sent over for the Mouse on Mainstreet project that I did in conjunction with the broken arrow museum and my favorite artist @janetskatesart . This was one of the pages that didn't make the cut (as I first created it) the final page is so much better than this! That's what having an amazing, objective team around you will do- they always make you better. You have to preorder the book so you can see the final piece and all the other amazing art that's in this book! Check out @marmieamouseonmainstreet to order

In this flashy world it's difficult to live an authentic life. This Sunday my husband @gregbbaca will be speaking on one of our values at ONE TULSA #authenticity || If you would like to join us message me for details. 10 AM SUNDAY

I have a feeling that I will look back on these years and I won't remember the struggle of it all but I'll remember the beauty. If there is one thing I'm pushing myself to do right now in life it's to begin seeing everyday through that lens. #seethebeauty

Still smiling from yesterday's KIDS LAB. We cut extra-large boxes in half and the kids created their own cars for a "drive in" movie. If you are a Tulsa resident join us for the next Kids Lab Sunday at 10 AM!

SUNDAY 10 AM | Have you ever felt "stuck" in life? This week my husband will be sharing on how creativity can open up possibility in your life. If you've always thought creativity was just something for artists and musicians then you don't want to miss this. We have seen so many people's lives changed when they tapped into the creative, problem solving potential within.

A little design from a book I'm working on in conjunction with the Broken Arrow Museum and one of my favorite artists @janetskatesart #christasdesigns

Today is my 40th birthday. Don't worry, I'm not sad about it. I've crammed so much life into these years. Cheers to AT LEAST 40 more. PC: @kendallhanna

When friends feel like family. #reclaimtheartofliving

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