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christ___  笞懺沐ア爭説・説・説・説・説・説・説・説・説・説・説・栓沐ア笞 Set your soul on fire, seek those who fan your flames. 222

Only #scapegoats can relieve one of his own stark death fear. -- The person seeks to avoid death, but he does it by killing off so much of himself and so large a #spectrum of his action-world that he is actually isolating and diminishing himself and becomes as though dead. #ernestbecker

Everywhere, everyone, everything is a window.

#ffunnyffriends everything's simpler in #blackandwhiteonly

Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. #simpleliving

Material goods don't follow you to the afterlife, they do you no good when you're 60, and the idea of exchanging my time in life for such things for ego, for pride, for sloth I find blasphemous to what our true nature is. Gentlemen are gentlemen, ladies are ladies. It has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, however they can indicate the disease.

People seem to not understand, you can't polish a terd. What you wear isn't who you are. And on social media scumbags who wear fashionable clothes are called gentlemen or ladies. They aren't. In fact most men on social media dress this way because they are douche bags trying to cover the scent of vinegar. And women are just seeking attention that they never got when growing up, it's disgusting to watch them be exploited by the world as it is, then they seek these comments and likes and it fuels the misogyny and hurts them in the end because they don't realize their own disease of the mind and soul. And men, men dress in suits but support "grab them by the pussy". Not open doors for them, not offer their coat, or pull their chair. But they are in suits and somehow get called gentlemen. Materialism is a disease of the soul. Do these people contribute to society? No. Would a lady or a gentleman? Yes. Money is time, time is precious. Why spend your life on something that does nothing for yourself or for the world you live in?
Being a gentleman is about being a good, honest person who helps others. Same as a lady except a gentleman treats a lady like a lady and a lady always acts like a lady. #realmendontbuygirls #fashionista

You're on my mind #cactuslife

God is everywhere

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