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ILNP Gaia, swatched over Essie Mint Candy Apple. Love this Ultra Chrome flakie! 😍💙

The absolutely stunning 'Brilliance' by ILNP! These flakies are 100% opaque and their vibrancy is insane! They have thirteen unique and beautiful shifting flakies that will be officially released in mid-December (in case you missed the pre-order)!! 😋

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakie, Cold Fusion 😍 These flakies are stunning!

A swatch of one of the new @ILNPBrand flake polish, Electric Carnival! Pre-orders begin this Friday! These flakes are 100% opaque over any color base (or bare nails)! They're absolutely stunning! 💛 #ILNP (Application and removal video is on ILNP Brand's YouTube channel!)

@ILNPBrand Black Orchid 💕An absolute staple in any nail polish collection!
Sorry for the lack of posts here, guys! I've been focused on my makeup account, @aichrista, more since at the moment, it's easier to do and take pictures for. Once I work out my set up for everything it should be easier. I'll post more swatches soon! 💋

Close up of the crazy gorgeous @ilnpbrand Fall Semester!! Absolutely LOVE this collection!

This is the GORGEOUS new 'Homecoming' from the ILNP Fall 2014 Collection! (Pre-order is this Friday, EEP!) This polish has so much dimension, I love it!
What colors are you guys eyeing from the new collection?! ❤️

Fresh from the upcoming @ilnpbrand Fall 2014 Collection, this is Mega (Linear)! Love how smooth and flawless this version of Mega is!
For a chance to win this collection, go visit the I Love Nail Polish Facebook page!! ❤️

@ilnpbrand Mega is by far the best holographic polish I own 👌 Which is difficult to say considering all of the other beauties ILNP has. (Speaking of, I can't find my Summer Collection holos, which one of you stole 'em?! 😂) Does anyone else need a napkin for their drool? 🌊

Hi loves!!
Just wanted to let you know that the ILNP 3-Day sale ends tonight!!
P.S I'll have more nail posts coming soon!! 😊

The shift of @ilnpbrand Peace. Love!! What are your favorite ultra Chromes from ILNP?
P.S.! Sign up for the ILNP Newsletter to get exclusive access to giveaways and news about upcoming collections!! 💜

Hi loves!
So sorry I've been away from this account lately, I've been so caught up in posting on @aichrista on top of being in a "nail funk" that I'm trying to get out. But! I just realized I never shared my @ilnpbrand ultra chrome swatches with you! This is the stunning "Masquerade". Such a beauty!! Be sure to follow @ilnpbrand and sign up for their newsletter for upcoming collections and giveaways!!

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