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Chris Okada  🚀 CEO of @okadaco 🏦 Commercial Real Estate 🌎 Owner + Broker ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Dopeness Below

See you at the closing table 🚀🚀🚀🚀 @okadaco

To my fellow hustlers and travelers... ✈️🚀✈️🚀 Get It

Last night we hosted a deal maker’s @icsc party at @hakkasanlv which really was a big THANK YOU to our partners, co-brokers, and friends in the industry that we’ve done business with. I’m also a big @postmalone fan, so the concert was an extra treat I thought the guys would enjoy. Thanks all that joined! @bkcan31 @vornadorealtytrust @winickrealty @tom_caliendo @pseudonychef @danes211 @hspregroup @jones_lang_lasalle @donperignonpapi @nycfrancis @mzegen @tinycroissants @daveperlman @okadaco

“Making ends with my friends and it feel stupendous” -The Notorious B.I.G.....that pretty much sums up why I love #icsc #icscrecon I actually don’t come to Las Vegas for the networking in hopes of making money.... I come to travel with, break bread with, and celebrate life with my work homies. This is the only time I get to meet and see some of my favorite people in the industry... if the market sucks? We complain together... if the market is amazing we celebrate life together... if you’re crushing it? We’re toasting it up for you. Yes of course it’s a dog eat dog world we work in... but somehow the word VEGAS makes it all better. Next up?? @postmalone at @hakkasanlv with our business partners, clients, vendors, and co-brokers🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jamesnelsonnyc @avison_young_global @easternconsol @uniquevisualsny @brianfeil @nycfrancis @bkcan31 @r.estq @daveperlman @eyzenbergandcompany

First things first... I’m pissed off that @rumpusboy Isn’t joining us at @icsc Vegas but I get it... I’ve done $100M+ in deals with this guy. 7-8 years ago, I met him on a showing where he was representing a landlord. For whatever reason we hit it off and since then decided we needed to crush deals together... “What are we doing?” “We need to make more money together” “Why aren’t we crushing it?” These are the kind of things I burst into his office unannounced saying... congrats on your closing @rumpusboy yesterday. Drinks on you for like a month. #AlwaysBeClosing

Closing Dinner. Tonight we toast to integrity & luck!! I met the gentleman to the left about a year and half ago and during all that time I tried buying properties from him; mostly brand new luxury apartments here in the city or some retail... anything. But he wouldn’t budge... I also want unusually good deals so can’t blame him... anyway we randomly meet at my lenders’ client appreciation dinner and I shamelessly continue negotiations 😆🤣 but then he switches gears and says “ok... so what do you have for sale?” and just like that he went from seller to buyer and like a menu from a fine dining restaurant... I gave him my favorite deals in NYC. Within a month he signed contracts for the best deal per SF in Midtown / Midtown South Manhattan.... We both agree that integrity and luck played a huge role in this.... BUT even after all that he still won’t give me a good deal on anything he owns 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This man right here is Carlos SIlberman; landlord, developer, no frills and no bs kind of guy. His office buildings have almost no mortgage, and runs a very tight ship... some people say too tight. When I launched @okadaco, I introduced myself to him and in his deep Argentinian accent said “We don’t work with brokers”. I don’t remember how I convinced him to work with us, but after doing several deals he changed company policy. To date, we’ve closed over 50 deals together and is clearly instrumental to our firm’s success, my career, and a great example of friends in business.

See you at the closing table

LINK IN BIO! Want to sell more? Want to raise more money? Want to make money? Pitch pitch pitch pitch pitch. @charliewahler @bespokebroker @nycfrancis @okadaco @areaamanhattan

Ray Dalio is a name everyone in finance knows. Founder of hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, Dalio created the Alpha and Beta investment vehicles (pretty much active vs passive income) for institutional investors. He just created an amazing mini series on YouTube (Principles By Ray Dalio) to promote his book “Principles”. It’s rare to get an inside glimpse into the trials, tribulations, and life lessons of a billionaire who started with no money, created a name for himself, lost everything, and had to start over from nothing... today he’s worth $18B and company manages over $160B of institutional investments. Highly Recommended. #raydalio #raydalioprinciples

New Neighbor Alert 🚨 @slgreen_realty just acquired the leasehold at 2 Herald Square. We (@okadaco @hspregroup @newmarkkf) acquired the neighboring properties 41 & 45 West 34th Street in 2012.

“Selling’s Not Telling”

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