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Chris Nitz  I take photos of toys and beer. To relax, I wrestle dinosaurs.

I'm looking forward to playing with this new tool! #Magmod

Refill!! #365MugShotChallenge 113/365

Dunno that I've ever grilled in 40mph wind gusts before. This should be interesting. Not really a #365MugShotChallenge photo, but I don't care.112/365

Taking a small break before moving on to my next project. Got a fair amount done today, but most of that work was just cleaning and getting stuff around for a donation. #365MugShotChallenge 111/365

I think m done adulting for the day. Trying out this #IPA from @bluepointbrewing. #365MugShotChallenge 110/365 #beer #BlameBob

My current mug trying to blend in with some older mugs. Some of these are even straight from Germany! #365MugShotChallenge 109/365

That moment you use odorless paint thinner to clean parts for your wife's yarn winder. Sometimes I wish my #JackOfAllTradesMasterOfShit was so much more specific. #HappyWifeHappyLife #365MugShotChallenge 108/365

Rocking some #UltraMusicFestival while working on the #MadisonPhotographyCollective website. Slowly making life goals a reality! #365MugShotChallenge 107/365

Just waiting on this storm to roll through! #365MugShotChallenge 106/365

But why is the #coffee all gone? #365MugShotChallenge 105/365 #MaybeTimeForAThirdCup

Just a mug enjoying some sun. #365MugShotChallenge 104/365

Enjoying a nice #beer and watching the storm roll in. #365MugShotChallenge 103/365

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