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:|| Love Is The Key ||:  <|| Slingin paint in Colorful Colorado ||> 🌲🌲 Create Art || Plant trees 🌲🌲


The matrix is a highly complex and evolving entity- its aways rewriting itself and learning new ways to find its way into our focus.. The only way to stay on top is to keep leveling up ourselves! Gotta keep pushing and stay on the grind- while being hyper aware of your surroundings and how they are changing... Theres agents all around, taking forms of the things we least expect. Be aware of the things that make you break focus and shift your energy away from your work, for those are the things we must be the most cautious of! Break the programs and keep progressing at all costs ::)

"Spectree 2"
10"x10" acrylic on wood
Starts now at $50
Increments of at least $10 🙏
No reserve // ends tonight at 5:55pm
Buyer pays shipping 🤘
Many thanks & good luck!!

Happy SoulStice to you all ~
May this time shine light onto all things, known and unknown.. May that which has been unseen or left in the darkness be revealed, allowing us to acknowledge and embrace all parts of ourselves so we may serve humanity to our highest abilities. Give thanks!

• "Living Waters" • (flipped)
24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas
|| Collaboration with @matthewdegrado || ( Original Available )
Have a dank day!
#flowscapes #renderingworlds #infiniteperspective #livingwaters #makingmagic #acrylic #flowetry #itsalllove

<< • " Ira " • >>
Blessed to own this original from one of the best, Queen @ganja_kitty 💜 Shes inspired me since we were young jedis!! If you aren't familiar with her work do your eyeballs a favor nd check it out 🙏 Keep on crushing it Riley ::) Thank you for doing what you do & for being who you are!!

• "Living Waters" •
24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas
|| Collaboration with @matthewdegrado || ( Original Available )
Have a blessed day!
#flowscapes #renderingworlds #infiniteperspective #livingwaters #makingmagic #acrylic #flowetry #itsalllove

•::| R e f l e c t |::• Our eyes see reflections- we can either acknowledge these reflections as part of ourselves, or we can see them as separate. The second we realize that we have the great power of perception is the same exact moment we can start to change the world around us for the better... Change what you believe, change what you perceive. The matrix is always changing, we gotta keep leveling up to stay on top! Never stop the grind 🤘

Stoked to get back to chasing sunsets on the west coast this summer ::) got some murals lined up in Cali, Oregon and Washington! If you want me to come by and on my way up and down the coast holler at me and I'll come cover your walls!

Big thanks to everyone who came out and showed love at the show last night! Many thanks to @dillard_0, @digitalvagabond & @soulacybin for bringing the frequencies to help the art & space vibrate ::) So much good music and an overall dankk night! Got a couple prints leftover for anyone who's interested ~ shoot me a message to see whats around 🙏 Big love your way!

::| "Infinitree" |::
24" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas
Started last year in Santa Cruz and finished in Colorado
Original & Limited edition prints available
Come check out the original tomorrow night at The Integral Center in Boulder ~
Feel free to share ::)
Thanks for lookin 🤘
#worldsofwonder #disbeliefruinsthemagic #renderingworlds #acrylic #flowscapes #treequencies #freehand #flowetry #treelove #bewisephotosynthesize #itsalllove #always #allways #alldays

Tomorrow Night!! Doors at 7 •Digital Vagabond 8:30-9:45 Pm
•Dillard 9:45-11:00 Pm
•Soulacybin 11pm- 1am
•Digital Vagabond b2b Dillard 1am-?? And if the partys still bumpin after that our ears may get a lil special treat! •This is a FREE event! There will be a raffle being held for an orginal painting for anyone that wishes to give back 🙏
•I will have 5 limited edition prints of 4 different pieces with me! •Small series of treescapes will be available as well ::) Gonna be a chilled out night filled with vibes, good people nd good chunes! Hope to see ya there 🤘

• :: Proudly Presenting :: •
((( (( ( " Infinitree " ) )) ))) 24"x30" Acrylic on Canvas • Original will be on display & available Saturday • Limited edition of 5 Prints available 🤘
Poured my heart and soul into this one ::) Started last year in Santa Cruz & Finished in the mountains of Colorado! Hope yo eyeballs enjoy!
#worldsofwonder #disbeliefruinsthemagic #renderingworlds #acrylic #flowscapes #treequencies #freehand #flowetry #treelove #bewisephotosynthesize #itsalllove #always #allways #alldays

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