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Day 100: a lil throwback from madrid. Where we were eating tapas and enjoying the blue skies. Not only madrid is one of my favourite cities in terms of food but it feels like my home country. As it is the home of many latin people.

Day 99: Life is in constant motion. You might believe that you are doing ok and that life will bless you with some opportunities and that in 5 years you will be someone different. As Da Vinci once said "people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and made things happen". Have a good monday. 😁

Day 91: legit 1 month till the big day. 91 days ago we still didn't have a day. However, things change and everything gets better everyday. Nonetheless, the hardest things are just on their way. Stay focused and always write what you need to do. You can play all the games you want on your phone when you have a house in the Caribbean.

Day 90: The holidays are nearly over and even the sun is slowly leaving. I hope that winter does not come with full force and make me dress like a yeti. Anyways, have a good Thursday, here Dan was in the castle of medellin. A wonderful and enchanted place.

Day 88: Oh boy do I want to go to sleep. Nevertheless, the month has just began. You have to work hard af, harder and with more dedication than the last month. Take a deep breath and think about what you want to achieve this month.
Have a good Monday

Day 85: Boy have I been busy, this month has been good but difficult. I mean I feel like my productivity levels have decelerated but as long as I have that in mind. I have to step up a gear next month. The climb is on, to think that 4 months ago I was thinking that climbing to lake 69 was going to be the most difficult thing I will do. I now know that I know nothing.
Happy Thursday peeps

Day 81: I took this picture while listening to wu tang. You might think that when you listen to hip hop you are perhaps about to smack some fools. However, I use it as therapy when I need to focus. This is the beautiful city of Quito! Located in the half of the world. Apart from the beautiful people that live in this city, the culture and the blue skies just make me want to go back. .
Happy Friday.

Day 80: .
🎶Lleva, Lleva, Llévame en tu bicicleta 🎶🎶. This picture in a way captivates the essence of Colombia. The blue sky, the white walls, the hat and the bicycle. I am quite proud of this picture because even though it was a normal day for the people of antioquia, for me it was a unique experience.
P.s. if you can spot more things that are Colombian in this picture. You get a price.

Day 78: I guess I missed the rain a little and by little I mean 10 minutes. Not one full hour of constant irrigation. In a way is good to see London back in action. Even though August is actually flying. .
P.s. That chef stepped on a puddle. Stay safe people.

Day 77: Santa fe de Antioquia. A really cool place, full of Colombia essence. In this picture you can see me trying to smile, as I nearly cut myself getting up there.
Have a good monday 🌞.

Day 71: a little throwback. Here at 3800 mtrs above sea level and we were all good. I remember I even drank the water from that lake. Yeah don't do that. Unless you want to sit down for a while. Here Dan was jumping like a tiny trucha, that lives in that lake. I don't remember the name. I think it was llanganuca or something like that.
Have a good day.

Day 70: there's days that don't really know what to write about. Apart that I have loads of pictures that I still need to post. Last week Dan discovered Portobello market and can you belive this is the only picture I took 😂.

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