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Chris Lammert  What I see goes here 📷 For booking email - #ofservice #austinphotographer #atx

Looking at thanksgiving week like...🍁📷

A whiter shade of pale 🎵🎥

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
- Robert Frost 📷

Today is Veterans Day, which means honoring current military or those who have served our country. We’ll always remember the fallen but we can’t forget the ones currently serving or getting out of service. If you can, hire a veteran, buy their lunch or just say thanks. I’ve always had a policy of free headshot portraits for veterans because the transition to civilian working life can be tricky and a shiny new photo helps. Thank you to all who’ve served our country y’all are the real deal 📷🇺🇸

Some sacrificed a lot so you can post constantly about voting. There’s still time if you haven’t voted, go do it 🇺🇸

The facial expressions of Lola the 5 month old Golden mix when she finds out you haven’t followed all her Denver friends @cheesmanbark yet.
If you love @zilkerbark you’ll love it’s mountain based cousin.
Dog bless you and have a happy Sunday!
#denverdogs #cheesmanbark #zilkerbark #teamcanon

All lit up 🎇📷.

I don’t know much about astrology signs, moon phases, Mercury in retro/gatorade but the last day was a weird one. The clear sky and moon still looked nice though 🌙📷 #brightside #moon #teamcanon

Sweet skyline photo...more importantly Go Vote. Regardless of your stance on national politics, there are a lot of local issues on the ballot in Austin. It’s a privilege to live in this country and city so go exercise your rights and vote 🇺🇸🏙

Fresh air 🏔📷

Dancing in the Dark 🎥🎵.
Discovered a perfect John Legend cover of a Bruce Springsteen classic so here’s a video. Do yourself a favor and go find “Dancing in the Dark”, covered by John Legend. Full video in story. Happy Sunday 🙏🏼

Road to nowhere 🏔📷.
I loved the angles of this photo and it looks even better 3 feet wide on my wall. Sometimes it’s a bummer Instagram is the only outlet for photos that should be bigger than 2 inches on peoples screens. I don’t really sell prints but if you ever want one just let me know.

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