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Chris John Millington  Headed West. —— Photographer. Director. Outlaw. Represented by @socialyteco. ✉️:

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Fun fact about me: whenever I look at the sun, it makes me sneeze. 😂 From the end of spring until fall, I need some serious eyewear. Along with plenty of coffee, they’re my summer saviours!

Had a bunch of fun shooting this little video in Edinburgh for @Timberland x Marcolin to celebrate the launch of some of their new Earthkeeper styles, which are part of a wider campaign to use eco-responsible materials! #TimberlandEyewear #Earthkeepers

Please, no photos! 📸 No photos!

I’ve had a pretty wild time over the last 5 years. I planned on joining the police in 2013, so I never really imagined I’d end up travelling all over the place in seaplanes, cars, helicopters, trucks, jetliners and boats, taking a bunch of photographs along the way. This particular photo was taken in the back of our seaplane to Vancouver. I’m always amazed at this mad journey I’m on, although I think by this point here, I’d shot enough photos for one day.

Thanks @canadagoose for the experience. The entire #CGxGaliano trip was amazing.

My essential city checklist.

Spicy suit: ✔️
Spicy shirt: ✔️
Black coffee: ✔️ This @boohoomanofficial tailoring combo is absolutely spot on. Makes me feel like some sort of jet-ski salesman in 1980’s Miami. Hahaha. 🔥

I got a sweet tan!! YES. Hahaha.

Enjoyed some solid sunshine in Canada for the entire 10 days there, I’m feeling pretty excited for summer now! Galiano & Bodega Ridge was an amazing experience and I made so many awesome new friends. Super grateful for all these moments. 🙏🏼 @canadagoose #CGxGaliano


These amazing @marcolin_eyewear x @timberland sunglasses are made with 35% bio-based plastic. All of the eyewear made of these materials are marked as “Earthkeepers” and are available online and in stores.

It’s really cool to be involved with campaigns like this. Thanks to the guys at Timberland for making me a part of this movement! #TimberlandEyewear #Earthkeepers #ad 🙏🏼☀️

Exploring the insane landscapes of Galiano Island this weekend with @canadagoose.

I got a little sick over the first few days in Canada but I’ve gotten over the worst of it and now I’m having a blast with an amazing bunch of people out here. Gonna share all of the action on my stories over the next few days!

Shot by @nicolemacinnes. #CGxGaliano

To be perfectly honest, I’m a huge introvert, I’m pretty content spending 90% of my time on my own. I’ve always been that way. I’ve always had a real need to think deeply. I spend about 4 or 5 hours every day sitting by the window, or on the floor considering everything that’s going on in my life & where I’m headed. I’ve been really fortunate in the past few years to have been able to take my time, to evaluate my choices & my ideas. I feel like I’ve grown more in the last 3 years than I did over the first 25 years of my life. I needed space. I made sure I carved out a lot of time for myself. I like to work in bursts and socialise in bursts. I enjoy the solitude.

This photo was taken by @nicolemacinnes in Alpine, West Texas, as we entered into the third month of our American roadtrip. Sharing my entire universe with anyone for 60 consecutive days would usually be a struggle for me but this photo reminds me that on that day & on that entire trip, I felt as alive, motivated and self-aware as I ever have. It’s important to remember to challenge your personality & take yourself away from your safe spaces. It’s only under pressure & distress that we harden ourselves for the journey of life. I’m excited to be moving to NYC, mostly because it’s the opposite of safety for me. The opposite of comfort. The opposite of tranquility. For a long time, I always sought the path of least resistance, it’s only as I’ve grown a little older that I realise I need to choose the exact opposite. Here’s to not only choosing difficult paths, but in finding our own way to appreciate them & all of their lessons. 👊🏼 For now, I’m hitting Canada for the next 10 days, then Madrid for my U.S. Visa! 🇨🇦🇪🇸

Missing America. Visa has been delayed a few more weeks. Feels like I’ve been waiting for years on this process to finish but I’m grateful to the people working on my case and pushing it over the line for me. Being unable to get back out there until my visa is approved has just made me wanna get back out West as soon as possible. That’s my spot!

Sand, suede, sun & snakes.

A few of my favourite things. You can find plenty of them in West Texas.

This is how I look when someone reminds me that it’s APRIL ALREADY!!??? WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUNK!!!! 🤠

I know we have just gotten into Spring but CAN IT JUST PLEASE BE SUMMER AGAIN?

Take me back to the American Midwest where the summer sun turned me into a lizard. 🔥

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

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