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Chris Hogan  Bestselling author #RetireInspired | Chief Strategist: Retirement, Business & Leadership for Dave Ramsey

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You better believe I endorse this message... Listen to #RetireInspired Podcast Episode 11 where I tee up the #Vote4UAmerica challenge! Link in profile.

Challenge 5: Take a Hike

Tell those expensive outings to take a hike. Instead, go for a walk or hike with your friends or family this weekend. Don’t forget to post a picture on social media, and tag me along with #NS4RW!

Challenge 4: Cut the Cable

Cut your cable or streaming services for good! You’ll be surprised how many channels you can get in HD with a cheap antenna. You’ll also discover how much you can enjoy life without those shows you thought you just couldn’t miss. Post a pic and tag me along with #NS4RW

Challenge 3: Drive By, Not Drive-Through

How much do you spend on fast food or Starbucks? And how often? That soda or coffee once a week is okay, but fast-food restaurants serve 50 million Americans in a single day. Save that money this week and drive by instead of driving through. When you get to your destination, take a snapshot of the drink you brought from home—and smile because you’re saving money for retirement! Tag me and use #NS4RW

Challenge 2: Home Restaurant

The average household spends over $3,000 a year on eating out. That’s $250 a month! If you invested that money over 20 years, you’d have almost $150,000 (assuming an 8% rate of return). Did you just lose your appetite?

This week, opt for eating in and make a fun meal out of the food that’s sitting in your pantry and freezer. If you have kids, include them in the challenge. Let them dress up as waiters to serve the food and let them bring you the bill labeled #NS4RW. In your picture, show me the meal you enjoyed and the money you saved and tag me along with #NS4RW

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