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Chris Grøtvedt  Founder of Nordic Bar Show / Partner & General Manager at *ISM OSLO - @ism_oslo -

@letsthursday is back in the House!

We are hiring full-time:

1 x Senior Bartender
Will be responsible for multiple menu developments together with management, our preparation room including various equipment such as rotary evaporator and sonic prep, staff trainings and structure during opening hours.

1 x Bartender
1 x Floor Staff

If you have further questions regarding the positions - you are welcome to contact me at: — her: ISM Oslo.

Fun to see kids growing up and spending time doing what they love. And then you realize how fast time flies by - he will probably be better than both his dad and uncle soon.

Next stop - @tjoget.

Meny tasting at @cadierbaren

Short trip to kick off 2019. Love trains - gives one time to relax and enjoy the view outside of city life. #findingbalance

Another year is coming to the end. As every year it is one with good and bad things - and next year will surely be the same. The only important thing is to use the opportunities to learn from previous mistakes, try to do better for yourself and those around and spend time with those who matter in your life. 2019 - see you soon. Let’s see what happens around in Oslo tonight.

While everyone is running around town - getting the last shopping and details sorted for the holidays. We are also preparing ourselves - for the last days of mixing cocktails before all of us head back to our families all over the world for Christmas. We hope that you take a little break during your preparations to join us for one last toast before Christmas with friends or family that you might not see the days to come. #ismoslo #winterwonderland #cocktails #nightlifeprofessionals #oslobynight #makingcocktailsgreatagain

Some peated action at @thebalvenie.

Day 2 - @thebalvenie destillery. Amazing to see some still do malting on sight. #ismoslo #whisky #scotland

After setting a new world record for clearance through two security checks at Gardermoen of 7 minutes from the train to gate at the far far end of the airport - it is time for some whisky in Scotland. First stop is @glenfiddichwhisky Destillery. Now I must find a kilt to wear as well.

To celebrate that it is almost Christmas - we wanted to bring the industry together for some cocktails before everyone heads to BCA in Stockholm or home to their families and some well deserved vacation.

Therefore we wanted to bring someone over that represents amazing hospitality combined with world class creativity and cocktails - and who better for that than Vasilis Kyritsis from The Clumsies in Athens.
Vasilis has over the last years established himself as a pioneer in the cocktail industry and one of his bars - The Clumsies - are not only ranked as one of the absolute best bars in the World: but also won Best High-Volume Bar 2018 at Tales of the Cocktail.
So we are very excited to have him over, and also to have one last Funday Before Monday gathering with you before Christmas. #ismoslo #fumdaybeforemonday #nightlifeprofessionals #cocktails

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