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Chris Gronkowski  Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Graduate of the Univ. of Az. 3 year Starter in the NFL. Owner and creator of,

Just saw this re-air the other day on CNBC and had to watch it again. .
@iceshakerbottle was just a side hustle at the time. I was working full time with my wife to help grow her business @everything_decorated and the idea for Ice Shaker came about. .
I was in the gym, it was over 100 degrees outside and my plastic shaker bottle was sweating like crazy and my water was warm. I went home that day and wanted to buy an insulated bottle that I could use all day everyday, not just for the gym, but all day long. I needed it to be easy to fill and clean and could be used as a water bottle or to mix powders for the gym.

Update: @stadiumblitz has been cancelled today. I was looking forward to running the whole course today but due to the weather in Dallas it had to be cancelled.
So what is @stadiumblitz?! It’s an obstacle course race that runs through all of your favorite colleges. What’s really cool about it, is that you get to run through locker rooms, press boxes and on the field of your favorite college all while competing or working as a group. The course can be ran by anyone age 7 and up and there are 3 different courses that you can run depending on your skill level. If you want to compete for the best time and score you can, or if you want to bring out the whole family and have fun you can do that as well. .
The next race will be at the Univ of Houston, and yesss it will make its way to Boston in June where all of @gronknation May run the course?! But check out to learn more. .
Ohhh and since the race was cancelled today, I am still the @stadiumblitz champ after whooping @glenn_gronkowski yesterday. ✅
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I have been crushing this ab routine for years and it’s still a beast. Takes about 5 mins and is guaranteed that you will be sore for the next two days from it. Try it a couple times a week and your abs will be rock solid. Try it out and let me know what you think and tag me in a post! If you have a good ab routine, let me know because I want to try it out 🙌.
#abs #sixpack #6pack #abroutine #getshredded #yougotthis

Check me out getting my race on earlier on the morning news to help spread the word about @stadiumblitz. It is a cool new race that features college stadiums throughout the USA for any age group 7 and up! .
We have been working with them for over a year as a partner with @iceshakerbottle and @gronkfitness and this Saturday the first @stadiumblitz event will be held @SMU.
It’s cool to see a plan finally get put into action. I am excited to see how this course turns out. If you are local to Dallas and trying to get in, Use the code SMUBlitz for a special launch price at and see if you can beat my time 💪🏼🔥#StadiumBlitz #GetBlitzed #gronkfitness #iceshaker #gronknation

The #💯extras challenge is on. For the month of April I am Trying to get 100 extras of something in every day that will make me better. It usually takes me about 5 mins to do this and it really helps me see improvement in muscle mass and gives me an overall boost of energy and motivation. .
My 💯 extras came with some Extra weight tonight. Get you some extras in! Bet you won’t tag me in your #💯extras post 😯✅

This pic is too good not to post. Shot a quick ab routine video for @mansports & @iceshakerbottle with the famous @patriot_rich. .
If you are looking for a new ab routine, make sure you check it out, it will be posted on @mansports And @iceshakerbottle. It is a routine that I have done for years and it never gets easier. I am actually still sore from doing it a few days ago. No equipment is needed and it can be done from your home, office or anywhere else you may be. Just a warning, you may not be able to laugh for a few days afterwards 😲.
#abs #sixpack #iceshaker #mansports #getgronkd #gronknation #getshredded #tireflips #healthyliving #timetoshine

Shredded Saturday 💪🏼💪🏼. Completely switching it up and got a full body workout in this morning at @apestrengthtx. .
8 exercises for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. 4 rounds! Absolutely smoked by the end of it. .
I play a lot of pick up basketball and my cardio is pretty good, but switching up and hitting a completely different workout like this Is a beast! Happy Saturday!
#fullbodyworkout #shreddedsaturday #gotitin #greatworkout #feelinggood #weekendworkout #extras #gainz

I was blessed to go to the local Elementary school and share my business knowledge and experience with the kids today.
It was incredible how eager and focused these kids were to learn about inventing and running a business. I was shocked when They asked me questions about patents, sourcing products, what my responsibilities are on a daily basis 😳.
It’s hard to find time in the middle of the week to visit the kids but I was so glad I did and inspired by there enthusiasm and energy. .
#forthekids #entrepreneur #learningfast #inspiration #ourfuture #runningabusiness #inventing

Trying to eat some pancakes this morning and I feel this guy pulling on my leg! He loves pancakes and let’s me know all about it 🤤.
Time flies when you are grinding. The little man is now 9 months old, is standing up, he learned how to clap this week and is eating everything! He is the happiest baby 😊.
#mybaby #9monthsold #babyboy #goodtimes #familytime❤️

The youngest bro just got one year older! Happy bday @glenn_gronkowski 🎉 . Can you guess which one he is in the photo?! .
I get called Glenn everywhere we go so this should be a challenge. We are almost the exact same height and both played fullback I understand why. .
Tag @glenn_gronkowski In the comments below and wish him a happy bday!! .
#happybirthday #bros #bdayboy #partytime #superbowlchamps #gronk #gronknation #gronkowski #birthday🎂

Congrats to my little, I mean younger, bro. Unreal career that entertained and impressed everyone that got to watch. .
I was lucky enough to play with 2 of my bros in high school and college. First with @dangronk in school and at the University of Maryland. Then with @Gronk in high school and after transferring from Maryland to Univ of Arizona.
I always wanted to get the chance to play with one of my bros at the next level but the closest I got was playing against the Pats in 2012 when I was with the Broncos.
It’s funny, when we were young all we did was fight. All 5 bros would fight everyday. But as the years went on, the fighting and competition turned into supporting each other. My Sunday’s aren’t going to be as exciting but I am sure there is going to be more exciting things to come in the future. Congratulations @gronk on an amazing hall of fame career, I am excited to see what the future brings.
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Every mountain top is within your reach if you just keep climbing 💯.
I love this quote, and it’s so true. At the beginning, It was hard to get friends and family to buy an @iceshakerbottle. The mountain top looked so far away and unattainable. But when you just keep on working and working and improving and learning, you find a way to get to the top.
I am still far from that mountain top, but I’m just going to keep on climbing and climbing until I get there. Will it be easy? Hell no, if it were easy than everyone would do it. .
Look for @iceshakerbottle to be refilled on shelves at @gnclivewell. Our first shipment sold fast and most stores are sold out but there are more on the way. Look for @iceshakerbottle to start showing up in all the locations soon! 😁💪🏼
I am also super pumped to start working with @reignbodyfuel. you probably haven’t heard of it yet but you will soon 🔥🔥
#keepclimbing #keepworking #yougotthis #hardworkpaysoff #startedfromthebottom #tothetop #grindingeveryday #workworkwork #puttheworkin #itsnevereasy #stickwithit #gettingthere #iceshaker #theultimatebottle #drinkclean #drinkicecold

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