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Chris Green  Photographer and collector from the UK. All images copyright Chris Green 2016

And got a the IKEA light up!!!

Projector and posters up in the game room!

Awwww yeah new phone!!! Gonna try these Chinese phones and see how they stack up against the big boys

This label maker is perfect for end labels! Might get some white on black tape for my other 2600 carts...

Spent the afternoon faffing around with the stereo in the car, added a USB to power my dash cam and an AUX in for music, no more nasty cables and tape adapters!

First carboot of the year was a success!! Really pleased with the ex-rental Atari 2600 games which I got for £3 a piece!

The quality of this laserdisc is superb on a CRT, doesn't look half bad on the projector either!

So happy with these lights!!!! And halo is awesome in 4:3 on a CRT, haven't played it like this since launch!

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It's taken me far too long to set these lights up...

Meet the latest edition to the family! So glad to have a car again after loosing Monty.

Experimenting with lighting in the game room...

Jumping on the #bestnine2016 bandwagon, this past year has had its ups and downs but the best thing had to be buying a house with my lobster @craftinvaders, love you babe!!!