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#tbt to the first time doing a 140kg #benchpress. At the time this was my main long term goal in the gym. Took at least a year longer than I thought it would but was so worth it.

Q: How low should your hips be on a deadlift?
A: Depends on your limb length and torso length.

How to find it?
Slowly push your hips back and down and grab the bar while keep the chest up. Maintain a neutral spine with the chest slightly on top of the and the shins vertical or very slightly tilted forward. Start pulling on the bar lightly without lifting the weight so your arms are fully extended. Providing your lower back has maintained a small arch and your hips haven’t shot up higher than the shoulders then that should be the position suitable for you. This will vary from person to person.
Check out an awesome article from @gregnuckols for more info. Link is in the comments.

Should you meal Prep?

Check out my post last week on why I think meal prepping is probably a good idea.

Should you Squat below parallel?
For the vast majority of people my answer would be yes. Deep squats are fantastic for making sure you work all the muscles involved in a squat, they’ll improve your flexibility and have so much transfer to other key sporting movements. Greater range of movement is also linked to greater muscle hypertrophy.
However, specificity of training is key when it comes to S&C for sports. Bart here is a serious runner. He therefore never needs to spend time in a full squat for his sport. Training at a partial range of motion will improve his strength in that range more so than doing a full squat (Check out the intervention study linked below for more info). Therefore, in this off season we are experimenting with the quarter squat.
The end result of whether or not we decide to keep a quarter squat in his program will be based upon how he feels and his results in future races. If you are unsure about how to train for your sport please feel free to drop me and email using the link at the top of my page.

Training at Home
If you struggle to get into the gym doing this can be an awesome way to maintain flexibility, work on a skill, target a weak point or just maintain progress from your last session.
In addition exercises where your body moves through space (chin-ups, pushups, dips, squats, split squats the list is endless) have been shown to be extremely effective in improving force production, power and muscle hypertrophy.

Lots of Warm Up Sets
I often get my clients doing lots of warm-up sets on technical exercises. There are three main reasons for this:
1) Post Activation Potential. Lifting heavy weights can help potentiate your type II fast twitch muscle fibres for the key work later on. Ever wondered why the second set often feels better than the first?
2) It gives us plenty of chance to practice the technique on lighter weights as well as serving as a general warm-up to increase whole body temperature.
3) It will all add to our total volume load for the week. Greater total volume will lead to greater gains in both muscle hypertrophy and strength.
On last point note that more is not always better and your weekly volume should be appropriate to your current level and training cycle.

Why you feel like your calories have to be so low in order to lose weight.
Awesome 📝 on two significant changes that happen when putting ourselves in a caloric deficit.
1. Our body recognises this and attempts reduce our energy expenditure throughout the day. Fidgiting less, 🚶 less, sitting more. You think you're in control - you aren't.
2. We will seek out opportunities to increase our consumption of food to rectify this deficit. -
From a practical standpoint there are two things that can really help overcome these barriers. -
1)Slightly overshoot your caloric deficit to counterbalance the two scenarios listed above. Plus the inevitable Thursday work 🍹 , Friday night with friends followed by a takeaway, Saturday morning 🍳 and dinner out. Pub lunch on Sunday anyone?
2)Understand the difference between real hunger and fake hunger. Real hunger: you'll feel this coming on over a period of hours. Fake hunger: much more impulsive. Ooh I really fancy a... Recognising this can take time but understanding your body is the 🔑 to your long terms results.

When you want to get one more rep but your grip strength let's you down. My cat knows it's #humpday

Example food day:

1) Porridge
2) Chicken Thigh/Rice/Salad
3) Homemade Seafood Paella

The key to eating well is to sort out your main meals and then fill in the blanks. You can add healthy snacks/drinks/protein/desserts etc after based on your caloric needs and goals.
Please contact me if you want to know how to make this specific to you and your goals as I'll be happy to help.

Back from holiday and Chris is straight back at it with a #180kg 3s(ish 😉) #lowbarsquat. Pause Squats are Brutal. PT's love things that are brutal. Therefore PT's love Pause Squats. #happymonday

Meal Prepping and Willpower

The most underrated benefit of meal prepping: 💥saving your willpower💥. Your willpower isn't limitless. Throughout the day you will use up your resources of willpower as you make certain choices. Waking up early to go to the gym before work, choosing a healthier option at breakfast, or getting ahead on a project over surfing the internet. As the day goes on it becomes more and more difficult to keep making the right choices as we use up our resources of willpower. By the time we get to the evening we have very little left.
Meal prepping makes sense. It takes away that option the following day. If you have a pre-prepared meal it'll simply be more effort to go and get an unhealthy option than it will to just eat your pre-prepped meal. You are saving yourself the decision of trying to find a healthy option rather than settling for an unhealthy one. Therefore saving your reserves of will power for later in the day when you might really need it. Plus you'll have the cost of throwing the food you've already made away making the choice more costly and even less appealing.
It's of course very easy to find healthy options without prepping your meals but there are many more benefits of meal prepping than you may imagine. Make fitness easy save your will power.
Another interesting fact about will power: you can train it!!!

Yes post-holiday #training feels awful/slow/hard, but at least a nice tan makes you look better in videos. Oh wait...#stillpale

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