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Chris Floyd  Sometimes Pictures, Sometimes Films. My book 'The Verve: Photographs By Chris Floyd' now available to order on the link here.

The uptick in sales over the last few days has created a virtuous cycle that has allowed the business to increase the marketing and point of sale spend, which in turn, has produced a significant increase in revenue towards the back end of the week. Also, the recent move to a more advantageous retail unit has delivered a 40% increase in spontaneous stop and buy activity that has already recovered the loss to the business brought about by time spent moving production and delivery logistics. Now approaching $500 in sales and should hit this target by end of business Friday.

Reader, I married her.

*if you buy a lemonade
#entrepreneurs #cousins

Been coming here almost every year since 1995 and I love the light and the warmth here as much now as I ever did.

One day in and she's gone full American. Made $62.

Morning, Doctor

Something I saw today reminded me of this girl, who I call Frecklehead.

To Graphius of Gent to oversee the printing of 'The Verve: Photographs By Chris Floyd'.

I ❤️ Warpaint

Beautifully designed spread using my portrait of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar.
@bazaaruk @rachellouisebrown1

David Hockney, 80 years old today. One of the great pleasures of my life, meeting this man.
31st January 2017, Kensington, London
A wrought iron gate. A path through a mature communal garden square. Well tended shrubbery, comfortably prosperous foliage. A black front door, neither neglected nor pristine.  A warmly lit, intimate living room in a modest red brick Edwardian cottage.  Books, bric-a-brac, some daffodils, a well used sofa, nothing fancy, some art but not too much. A man in a chair.  The chair he always sits in. Not doing anything, not speaking, not looking at anything, only smoking. Round tortoiseshell glasses, grey suit, green cardigan, sky blue long sleeved knitted three button polo shirt done all the way up, navy blue tie, navy blue and white silk handkerchief in the suit pocket, gold watch, brown leather strap.  The room and the scene could be 1959. A man in the winter of his life, grey suit, round glasses, smoking in the glow of filament lamps. Until the eye goes down to the hems of the suit trousers. Neon socks, a modern textile. Slip on trainers, sleek, ergonomic. The cyan tones of a California swimming pool, the sound of freedom and a bigger splash.
“England in January. How do you cope with it?”
“I try to laugh at least twice a day. That helps.”

That time I went on a date with Ted of 'Ted & Ralph' from The Fast Show.

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