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Chris Floyd  Photographer. Wisdom is just a big collection of mistakes.

Three years since this picture of Frecklehead, taken in Queen’s Park, with cake crumbs round her mouth, ended up on billboards in 86 cities round the world. #TBT

Down the pub with Barratt & Farnaby for @idleracademy in 2017

Thelma Schoonmaker has edited every Martin Scorsese film since ‘Raging Bull’. When asked once how she can stand to work on his ‘violent, gangster pictures’, she replied, “Aaah but they aren’t violent until I edit them.”
She is to be awarded this year’s BAFTA fellowship at tomorrow’s awards
Photographed for BAFTA at her edit suite in New York.

I photographed Albert Finney for @esquire on New Year’s Eve 1999. My mum, for whom he was a bit of a hunk, had told me that he filmed some scenes for a 1964 film called ‘Night Must Fall’ by a lake in the woods behind her childhood home. She would walk her dog there, and every day during filming he would stop to chat with her. So, after a bit of grooming and dressing, when he was settled in to the studio, I asked Mr Finney if he remembered that part of the filming. I then told him about my mum regularly stopping to chat with him. He looked momentarily blank. ‘Oh dear’, I thought, ‘she’s imagined it all’
Then his face came alive, “YES! SHE HAD AN ALSATION!”
We had a wonderful shoot, he was such an ebullient and sweet man, even when I asked him to bellow his famous line from ‘The Dresser’ - “STOP THAT TRAIN!” - which he did for me more than once, and was also happy to go wandering round Battersea Power Station for some pictures in the December cold
At the end of the shoot, he signed a card for my mum, “Sue, So lovely to hear you’ve been keeping well. Happy new year and here’s to the next thousand years, Love Albert xxx”
Albert Finney, 1936-2019

I spent an afternoon in a hotel room with the president of the United States. Everything else is classified

....with no colour at all in some directions.

....and the strangest colour shifts.....

Pretty darn special out in The Shire this morning.....

Grace, Literally.

The Weekenders are here.

Big big up to Richard E Grant for his Oscar nod for ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Or as I prefer to call him, Richard E Gent, because he is such a goddamn fine example of one. Photographed at Petersham Nurseries for @theststyle - 2015ish

Came across this chap on a Turkish mountain road this afternoon. A shepherd with his crook, 60 goats and a ram 🐏 - We spent a wonderful 20 minutes together, me taking pictures, him shushing and tutting at his nibbling herd. The only thing he said to me was “Don’t look him in the eye” in Turkish. Rams are touchy like that.

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