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Hello I’m Chris Fabregas  Good Samaritan, superb at parallel parking, especially gifted napper. Boston Film Festival winner. Photographer

Seattle 😍 With the @seattlestorm flag flying high on top of the Space Needle!

Laguna Beach Never Disappoints 🌴

Laguna Beach Always Impresses! 🌊

Can’t believe this was a year ago today. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. #Eclipse2017
Totality Awesome!
I was in the Grand Teton National Park for the eclipse & it was unreal. This eclipse was one of the most amazing events I've ever witnessed & watching it at Table Mountain (11,100 ft) with awesome people from all over the world, added to the already overwhelming visual & emotional experience.

At the moment of totality, day turned to night in a matter of seconds & a 360° sunset on the horizon created a pink and orange glow around the mountains. Stars and planets appeared above & the crowed that was previously cheering & counting down the minutes went completely silent in pure amazement & awe. A little over two minutes later, which felt like 30 seconds, day came back just as quickly as it had disappeared. Afterward, as I sat in silence in the brightening day, I found myself suddenly unable to speak. Now my vision blurred with tears as the full impact of what I'd just experienced overwhelmed me. The people in the crowed that were lively & shouting out the stages of the eclipse, sat in awe. Some cried, some prayed as they were on a spiritual mission & some hugged a complete stranger next to them.
If you ever have a chance to see an eclipse at totality, do it! It is one of the most amazing events you'll ever witness.


Surf’s Up 🌊

Check out this beautiful morning in Rancho Santa Margarita.

About last night. #HolyFire clouds meet high tide in Laguna Beach 🌊

Day three of the #HolyJimFire from 35 miles away. Glad they caught the crazy guy who started it!

Had a blast shooting with @sarahcatherine.hook! Stop by and check out her page!


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