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Chris Chirnside  Drummer/percussionist with 20+ years playing & teaching experience ❤the arts 🎼🥁🎤🎧🎻🎸🎹🎨🎥🎬 🥁 tutor @swarmstudios.bne

"Terrorists seek to convert by breeding insecurity, but human beings are inherently wired to seek and feed off hope and to seek and show respect.

Terrorists, acting alone or in groups, may try to sow insecurity. At times they will succeed, in measure. But they will not produce the large-scale change for which they yearn.

Their ultimate failure will not be a result of iron-clad security measures. As our police officials have reminded us again today, there is no such thing as perfect security.

Their plans will be frustrated because hope and respect are more life-affirming than horror and disrespect." - Mal Fletcher

I'm in Sydney right now, enjoying the Livid Lights festival, but have been wanting to post this for a while. ❤️❤️❤️#manchester

This is cool. [Via 9 news]

Art & @pepperjanemusic were shared winners at tonight's show in Brisbane - a piece of art on display around the venue for each (most?) song(s) performed - all captured for a live album recording. They are doing it all again at 2pm and 7pm tomorrow night (Saturday 20th May), u know, because they are human and made mistakes tonight #pepperjanemusic #shamelessplug

The moment when you jump up for a fan photo with the band after the show and you get handed an egg shaker to pose with for said photo... because you were spontaneously asked to join said band for one song during said show #eggshakerer

#54 Source: "57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self" by Rod Judkins. Highly recommend this book to all creatives out there #creatives #thelifeofanartist #art #selfdiscipline

So I got off track from my "goal" for a few days, so here I am in my pyjamas getting back to it. Got sick this week for a few days, but that's not an excuse, bcos I could have done 5 min a day while sick, even after work. Lame excuse. But one thing I've learnt is that if you get off track with your goals or something you set out to do regularly, then don't beat yourself up about it, just jump back into it. There's no better day that today, no better time than now to get to that thing you've been procrastinating. #saturdaynight #sick #drums #movingforward

Loved facilitating @tomhamiltonreds interviews with Queensland Reds players so far this season. If you're a rugby fan in any way, or know someone who is, make sure you check out his blog, links in his bio. Players featured recently include @stalakai, the one and only flyhalf/boxer @quadecooper, @samukerevi_, and Kirisi Kuridrani @ratu_filise_.

In other news, I'm performing tonight with the hip hop / folk group @weatherpermittingmusic - if you're anywhere near Boonah at 10pm, come along! #redsrugby #redsfamily #folk #hiphop #rap #livemusic #drummer #percussionist #singerwithaflow

Red eye flight early this morning - then a day full of music, a work shift & a late rehearsal.. then I realise I didn't complete my DRUM PAD practice goal today (just 5 minutes). When u set out to do something, if you're accountable to someone... you're more likely to succeed. #oldvideo #representswhatididtonight #practice #joshuatree2017

The sky really is the limit. Life is beautiful, and there really is good out there. You've just got to keep going... keep exploring.. & the magic word.. keep seeking.... Also what probably needs to happen is your perspective needs to change. See how I just made a metaphor out of a picture I took that's bad because: the window is dirty, and the lense is out of focus. 🤠

It's past 1am NZ time, but still Friday Australian time, so this just squeezes in. 5 min of pad time turned into a fun jam session when of course I usually would have gone to sleep. Having a goal - and being determined to stick with it... ->> highly recommended. Again, what's a habit you want to implement? Turn it into a micro-habit, tell someone about it #goforit #drums #drummer #disciplined #nztrip #mums60th

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