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been quietly working on design for the last couple months and today i felt like showing some stuff i’ve been working on. /// first pic was taken by @_02.

turn the @_02 into the 03

I’m excited to be invited by the @ICP to participate in their ‘Talk in Images’ series. The goal is to explore photography as a universal language and this month’s theme is “home”. Home has several different meanings for me, it’s not represented by a place, I have found my home in the light and love of Jesus. With that I have found my family, my friends, my identity, and my strength. Jesus has been a constant source in my life and this represents that perfectly, even when I’m lost He’s still there.
I nominate my friend @laurenmarek to continue the conversation with an image of her own.

hi. still posting photos from Day For Night. It’s fine.

It me by @laurenmarek.

Later 2017 ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 Hope 2018 brings me fat stacks, more of me being me, forming stronger friendships, and bringing my fam closer.

Today was wild, but I made it to Florida. Already eating pastel from Casa Do Pão and looking forward to eating everything in sight for the next few days.

smash that like

#DayForNight madness is over. I posted the full set from the festival on my website (http://chriscody.xyz) or you can peep my story for some of my favs.

@cashmerecat played Quit and I lost my mind! still waiting on Jamie XX to come on tonight and I’ll be back tomorrow for a full day. 😅 // #dayfornight @dayfornightfest @posthtx

I snuck upstairs last night to peep the art installations opening today, and I just sat for like 2 hours in the empty space looking at the art and taking it all in. taking a breath before @dayfornightfest kicks in to full effect today. // @posthtx #dayfornight

Here at @posthtx and @dayfornightfest and freaking out over all the installations. Can’t wait for everything to be in full effect tomorrow and Sunday! #dayfornight

Thank you to @dayfornightfest and @posthtx for the preview of some of the art for this weekend! So ready to see @kaytranada tomorrow! 💛

still snackin on leftovers and listening to Ariana Grande Christmas music, living my life - how’s yours?

feeling more alive, more creative, more human, more inspired than i have in a long time. welcoming this season with open arms.

I can’t even begin to explain last night.

I redid my website after letting it die like 2 years ago cause ya boi still tryna get hired. check it out at http://chriscody.xyz or click the link in my bio!

a v rare black & white photo from me

#SEEN at 12:14AM somewhere in Austin.

PT 2. // The color grading was far from finished, I still had about half the video to finish editing, and I had a lot of really good ideas. I was excited about it. But nonetheless here’s what little I had.

PT 1. // I started work on this video for @jaredmroyal so long ago, but I lost all the footage because of a HD crash and now this is all I have of the progress I was making. This edit is far from perfect or where I wanted it to be. The font is wayyy off, because of the export some of the twitches and flashes don’t show up correctly, I ended up stripping the video down and making it more simple - but this is what’s left. Sad the finished video will never actually see the light of day.

This is Brett Hobson part owner of the WWII bomber we flew in yesterday and owner of Hobson Air Conditioning. He’s offering free a/c repair to anyone affected by hurricane Harvey. Just call ‭(817) 341-5142‬ and they will help schedule a time for repairs. #operationairdrop


I got a message last night as soon as I got home in Austin after driving from Dallas from @flojeldman asking if I wanted to come document the relief efforts being put together by Operation Airdrop, and that we’d be flying in a World War II bomber full of supplies for the Hurricane Harvey victims. If I was interested the plane was leaving at 7AM Wednesday morning. As soon as I get the message I dropped off @mrscodyyy & @hankcodyyy and got back in the car to head to Fort Worth where we’d be taking off. @joshuaolson33 came through and let me crash at his place late last night, and now here I am. We’re dropping off supplies around the Houston area, and seeing so many people come together for one common goal has been incredible to watch. I’ve been listening closely to the stories being told around me and I’m blown away by the love and support this country is showing one another. I’m so happy I could be even a small part of this, and I can’t wait to show you so more photos as I continue to deliver supplies throughout the day.

Check my story for live updates! #operationairdrop

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