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Chris Casti  ________•-{c o s m i c}•{i m p r o v}-•________ portal to•-{e s c a p e}-•chaos 🌌🌾/ Ⓥ / [guardian of]•-{m u s i c}-• / existentialist / [f.f.chopin]

a new leaf in the wind. "It's All Here, Are You?" be what you want

the first planets with life #chriscasteezcosmiccompositions

liquid bridge to another world #chriscasteezcosmiccompositions

nightfall couldnt come sooner, as it was always you who could define the pitch of night as something so meaningful. i bathe in the stardust as night fulfills the curiosities of our vast existence, dear friend. #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

there is no better time than now, for we are only left with the familiar presence of the past. #guardianofmusic #debussydreamer

#veganfoodbae comin at ya with my "Not-So-Potent Magic Root Soup". my "Potent Magic Root Soup" has 4-6 more crucial ingredients in which i could not locate at the grocery store. these missing ingredients take this soup to an extreme that only a couple people have experienced. Anyhow, veganism is great. I just started exercising. I thought I could get away with being a potato ever since I moved here for college and took on full time studies and partying. but veganism alone could not save me from the mess i became although i am very thin / athletic. My body started to decline in some ways, because of toxins and hormones I was not exercising out. I cannot stress enough how important exercise is. Please do it for 30 minutes every day! I am stress free and anxiety free at the moment, when just right before I began exercising today I was a huge mess feeling like today was my last! #vegan #shaman #healer #exercise #soup #cosmic #soul #aura #spiritual #journey

you have so many stories to learn from and revived us from a numb society; you gave us the ability to feel. #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

the wind whispers through the forest and it is you who transcribed these earthly feelings into the depth of my soul, dear friend. #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

always here when i need you #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

you taught me the best mentor is within the heart #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

the journey was worth the struggle #chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

your existence means so much
#chopinenthusiast #guardianofmusic

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