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Shadow play in the badlands.
Few places change this quickly... visit to visit you will see delicate formations change & evolve from wind & water. This small temple of rock might not be standing next time I walk here.

Maybe we have more in common with Glaciers than we think. Cold & hard on the surface, but deep down we all bleed.
Glacial sediment travels 100's of miles through braided rivers before rejoining the Atlantic Ocean. .

My feet have been on pavement for almost a week & it's starting to make me stir crazy. I often share my photos for other people's inspiration but the truth is more often than not I want to escape to these places just as much as you do.

I stood wide eyed staring at exhibit after exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday. Near the end I came to a large wall with this quote, "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children."

It may be the most important thing I've read all year.

The blue hour - Many artists treasure this period for its quality of light. Its name comes from the French origin - l'heure bleue and It only lasts about 40 minutes on a clear day. It's that short period between early twilight or late dusk where the sun is so far past the horizon that it's radiance takes on a blue hue.

I didn't realize it actually had an incredibly scientific explanation until i looked it up on Wikipedia... mind blown

Is doing the things we did as a kid childish? Or exactly what we should be doing?

Earth day was yesterday but I still feel like celebrating.

For those that brought this to life ... I Thank you. NYC World premier of Under an Arctic Sky is happening now. 🙏🏼
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For tickets to the tour check my bio link or

Nervous, excited & I can literally feel my heart beating through my chest. Tomorrow we premier "Under an Arctic Sky" at @tribeca film festival then kick off our Tour. Through this process I've gained a respect for any filmmaker that has ever gone through this.. there is no greater or worse feeling than putting your work out there.

We just released our first months worth of film Tour stops. We're traveling the whole Western US including Canada. I would be honored to have you attend one of our film screenings + slideshows so I can share this film with you in person.

More stops are being added everyday including Midwest, East Coast, Europe, Aus, Iceland + many more later in summer/ fall.
For Tickets check my bio link or

#earthday ... is everyday. Just a reminder.

The transition from a long winter to spring/ summer can be hard. Here's an example of how to cope....beautifully demonstrated by @basillynch as he reintroduces his body to a little Vitamin D on a trip to the Golden Cathedral.

Aerial wave study on an isolated stretch of NZ coast. My first time shooting aerial photography, sometime around 2009.. I got hooked fast.

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