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I've always loved watching the way each person interprets places like this... each unique in their own way. To some it's enough to just sit and stare, taking in all the details like reading a book. Others require a more immersive approach & physical touch is important for them to remember a place.

If you let it... this place will change you. Not simply by it's beauty, but the fact that your very existence in a place like Greenland feels like a miracle. You appreciate everything. There is a reward much greater than photographs that you get from opening up your heart & mind to a place like this. Thank to all those that shared in this experience & to our captain for guiding the way.

Some say it's good luck to jump into the sea at sunrise during the midnight sun. (At least that's what I told em)
1:34 am Greenland Sea.

I used to think that secluded white sand beach's only existed in the tropics. Reserved only for those privileged enough to visit. Truth is - natures beauty is out there for anyone willing to suffer for it. These beaches were used to launch boats by fisherman for over 100 years. At one point these incredibly resource rich islands held some of the poorest communities in Norway.

Some would say they're drawn to it, they just can't help but look. Staring 200 ft down to the Greenland Sea, over the edge of a once raging waterfall in the Westfjords @haukursigurdsson spies his father's boat in the distance.

One of the most complicated parts of traveling is this concept that you can become someone 'different' or ideally 'better' through the process of doing it.
As if the planning, culture, photos, stories, summits, waves & food will in some way change you. But the harsh reality is that you can leave & come back the same ignorant person if you filter every experience by perpetuating what other people have done before you. Leaving no room for the unknown to occur (which is where the growth happens) I know this well... because I've done it many times in my life, always hoping I would be a better person through my travels. It took me many years to realize that that process of becoming someone better starts before you leave your front door.

At a certain point words won't be enough.

A camera, tripod & head full of crazy ideas & thoughts. Photography will always be a way for me to filter a complicated world.

Shot using @gitzoinspires mountaineer tripod & @Sonyalpha A7SII / Sigma 20mm F1.4
10 seconds @ ISO 6400

I love being surprised by the weather & the resilience of plant life in the polar regions. T-shirt & shorts with blooming lupin are something I would have never believed unless I experienced it firsthand. Places that surprise you are critical for creativity.
@_ryanhill_ @blackdiamond

I can never seem to get it right. Packing seems to be the hardest part of any trip for me. I've been in places where the summer months are the coldest I have ever felt... and others where winter feels dry & humid. For as many years as I've done this you would think I'd have it figured out. But I still stay up till 2 am the night before a trip unpacking & repacking my bags, looking for what I missed. This next week ill be taking off for trips to Greenland & India. You couldn't plan for more opposite climates, activities, cultures and parts of the world. Sometimes I feel like the hardest question you have to ask yourself on a trip is what do put in this bag!
(besides Gummies) 😉

From this perspective you begin to appreciate the world on a really grand scale. Certain things becomes smaller & almost insignificant while your overall view broadens to an almost never ending level giving you a new appreciation for your surroundings. Regardless of the mode of transportation.. a 15 hour packed passenger flight or an open door helicopter.. the mystery of flight always gets me feeling some level of excitement for what I'm about to see.

Stay or leave. That decision always haunts me. At some point on every expedition you have to face that question. Weather, swell, resources, budget & sometimes the inevitable longing for home will make you question whether sticking around is gonna be worth it. I've had to make these decisions sometimes.. never easy.. especially when you know there's other people involved, each with their own goals & desires. That is the biggest crux of group travel in unknown territory.

There's never been a time where sticking around paid off more than while filming 'Under an Arctic Sky'. Download the film tonight on iTunes or Vimeo at www.UnderAnArcticSky.com my bio link.

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