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Don’t be fooled by the beauty. It’s one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Best viewed from afar, the waves here break with massive consequence. The slope of the shore moves water quickly up the sand and has a penchant for dragging unaware tourists back into a never ending washing machine of thick gravel & shore-break. Every year people get too close & lose their lives to sleeper waves & strong undertow. Don’t be a statistic, nature can be as dangerous as it is beautiful.


It’s funny that there is now a day dedicated to celebrate “The Golden State” - Feb 22 National California Day.. it’s as if everything has a “day” set aside now to make it special. 🤷🏼‍♂️
I think this morning routine more than celebrates California’s beauty.. everyday.

At the far end of the lake the glacier had created a tiny cove where it almost seemed to be protecting its small amount of ice it had calved over the winter. As the ice slowly drifts into the lake it eventually makes its way to the far shore, runs aground... and spends its last days melting in the sun.

Often emulated, never duplicated... Happy Birthday Ansel Adams & thanks for inspiring a generation of photographers to seek out that perfect light and decisive moment. You have encouraged many sleepless nights & long backpacking trips through the Sierra camera in hand. Learning your process as I dug through your archives & read your hand written notes and letters was as a highlight of my career.
@anseladams - follow this dedicatory account for more Inspiration!

Touch the clouds.

@annaehrgott in the Alaskan wild.

Shadow play in the ice feature known as the ‘Maze’ atop New Zealand’s dwindling Tasman glacier. This trip wasn’t really about the photographs, but it sure does help me remember the experience.

The sound of the waves can be as distracting as they are peaceful when Deep Water Soloing. It’s one of those rare sports where you have to be as aware of your potential landing zone as you do the next hold. .
@nathaniel.coleman eyes the landing zone in Port De Soller

This was shot 12 years ago. We kept chasing this day year after year & never found it again. The early days of cold water surf exploration were pretty mind blowing. Especially since it has only became really accessible as wetsuit technology has advanced. It opened up so much for those willing. We drove out on this sandpit to examine a perfect right wedge we had spotted from afar. The sandbar has created something near perfect. We surfed until we couldn’t feel our faces, hands or feet. The wind was offshore and killed the already fading swell. We camped on this black sand beach just near the wave. & enjoyed the clearest most windless night of the trip. I slept outside next to @timmyturnerferal & a driftwood Fire. We watched the northern lights for the first time. In the morning the wave was completely gone.. washed out by the river mouth & back to being just another headland where puffing nested. @joshmulcoy always joked that is was a mirage...

@hammered_sam pictured above has spent more time in a 5mm than most people I know. It shows.

For as loud as my hear-beats felt in my chest it was completely silent during the eclipse. An owl glided slowly in front me confused as I was about what was happening. Animals revealed themselves. Pressing the shutter & putting an eye to the viewfinder felt like an abomination while bearing witness to such beauty. Yet still desire to document was burning inside and on impulse I pushed the trigger till the darkness was gone. .

@garrison_rowland In Smith Rock Oregon
Photo 2 - I try to explain to @russell_holliday what I saw.

I’ve always felt strongly that personal branding & design should come from a place of true inspiration. Something that represents not only your work but you as a person. Over the last 6 months I have dragged @1924us over the coals to create a new logo & branding family for my production studio, Burkard Studio. He is one of the most patient people I know 😊. I wanted it to be very simple, personal & as authentic as possible which is why I included the images I took that majorly inspired this re-design in my slideshow. Take a look.. check out all the variations & lemme know what you think & as always .. thank creatives who bring our visions to life. @1924us

These days teaching others how to create images is as fulfilling as shooting the photos myself. Next week I’m heading to Portland, Seattle, Vancouver & the UK to teach photography & speak about my creative process & life lessons behind the camera.
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