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Above all else I learned patience waiting for these perfect conditions. But even in the moment it didn't really feel like a triumph to shoot the photograph I had worked so hard to get because all I could feel was... well .. nothing. My fingers and toes had lost sensitivity & ice was forming around my eyes & mouth. But passion can drive you to do crazy things like wait for a perfect set Under An Arctic Sky.

There is 4 days left to pre- order the film / book & support the world tour - check it in my bio link or here:

In the Northeastern part of the Navajo Volcanic field lies Shiprock... It is the literal throat of a volcano. The black dikes leading to it were rivers of lava. A formation that quite literally, erosion has brought to the surface.

The most beautiful sheep shack you will ever lay eyes on.

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That thin strip of light across the mountain .. that's pretty much it. All the sunlight you get in the middle of winter... That's if you're lucky. The days were short and the window for surf even shorter. Which is why we realized surfing in darkness was really our only option.

Have you seen the trailer for "Under An Arctic sky"? Our film about finding what you are looking for in the most unlikely of places. Check it in my bio link or here: to purchase the film & book.

Does anyone else wish Winter could hold on just a little bit longer?

Regardless of who you are or where you're from, Nature can always leave you speechless. If there is one thread that will always unite people... maybe that's it.

I had the pleasure of learning this first hand when I took @rorykramer & @justinbieber to some of my favorite playgrounds in Iceland. I told them the experience wasn't complete without a polar plunge in Glacial water. They didn't need any convincing

I can barely ride a horse. In fact they scare me a little bit. So I don't really know what to compare this feeling to. But if I had to guess, I think it would be like pulling up to perfect waves & offshore winds with nobody around but just a few close friends.

Badlands are extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation - which basically means they can sustain very little life.

During our short stay I had never felt more alive.

In a land that's greatest export is open space you can bet that the ability & freedom to roam is not taken for granted by those who visit.

My limited edition book & film "Under An Arctic Sky" is still available for purchase on Kickstarter for a few more days ! This project has been over a year in the making & premiers April 23 at @tribeca .

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We didn't find any Aliens ... but we came pretty close.
. (we actually did try 😯🔦 👽)

I've traveled to many place considered Holy ... but this one demands a reverence that can't be ignored.
Tsé Bitʼaʼí

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